JBidwatcher – Win Ebay Auctions Without Even Being Awake

by John Carroll on July 5, 2012

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JBidwatcher is free software that helps you bid, snipe and monitor multiple auctions on Ebay.

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Sniping is a bidding strategy where you wait until the last possible moment to bid. The advantage is that it gives the competition almost no time to react.

It’s perfectly legal, and with so many people using sniping software, it can hardly be considered unfair.

JBidwatcher follows sniping instructions and bidding limits that you control. It’s like hiring a very fast helper that works for free.

And it’s on-the-job 24/7, so you’ll no longer need to wake up at a crazy hour to bid on rare Hello Kitty figurines from Japan.

JBidwatcher can be downloaded here.

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