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iPhone 8 Arrives… But It’s Not The Future?

by John Carroll on September 15, 2017

This week, Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones, a new Watch, an updated Apple TV and a variety of software updates to excite and confuse you. Before we get into details, let’s takes a quick look at the announcements, release dates and prices. What’s Coming iPhone X – 64GB $999 ($49.91 per month). 256GB […]


Looking For A New Mac Or iPad… Or Just A Peek At The Future?

June 6, 2017 Apple Hardware
WWDC 2017 Apple Future - Thumbnail

On Monday, Apple released updated versions of the iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook. The world got a first look at the new iPad Pro… and witnessed the surprise arrival of the iMac Pro. As expected, the big reveal was  iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra… and Apple did not disappoint. This is a long post… so scroll down […]

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Consider An Upgrade. Your Mac Is Only Mostly Dead.

January 5, 2017 Apple Hardware
Upgrade Your Old Mac - Thumbnail

If your computer has slowed to a crawl, being perpetually annoyed and ignoring the problem is not a great strategy. Over the past few years two major changes have occurred that you should know about: The latest Apple computers have become more expensive and less upgradeable. The cost of upgrading has significantly dropped. Should You Buy A […]

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Fantastic Gifts And Where To Find Them

December 15, 2016 Amazon Echo
Fantastic Gifts 2016 - Thumbnail

We all know that material possessions don’t lead to happiness. Not giving gifts should be seen as an attempt to provide others with a deep sense of joy. In case your friends and family don’t feel this is an amazing insight… I’ve put together this list of gift ideas you can use in an emergency. […]

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Wired or Wireless – The iMac Keyboard Question

October 20, 2016 Apple Hardware
The Walk - Thumbnail - Wired

When you buy a new iMac, Apple automatically include a wireless keyboard. It’s nice of them… but like an arranged marriage you could end up with something you slowly grow to despise. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Apple’s wired and wireless keyboards… then I’ll show you how to get the […]

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First iPhone 7 Contact With Humanity Expected September 16th

September 8, 2016 Apple Hardware
Arrival- iPhone 7 Thumbnail

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 yesterday. As expected, it’s wafer thin, outrageously sexy and filled with amazing new features. Should you buy it? If you own an iPhone 5S or lower, my advice is to upgrade. Don’t wait because your current iPhone works fine. Technology is constantly changing. If you wait, you won’t end up a bit behind […]

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Buying A New Mac… Always Get It At The Apple Store Online

May 12, 2016 Apple Hardware
Apple Store - Bugs - Thumbnail

The Apple Store carry some pre-built models of the iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Nothing surprising here… They can’t have all available configurations. As a buyer, the problem is that this limits your choices. When you’re spending $2,000 to $3,500, this is a pretty big issue. Also… many of the new Macs are flash welded and […]

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2016 Brings A New iPad Pro, New iPhone SE And More

March 24, 2016 Apple Hardware
Apple Event 03/21/16 - Thumbnail

Apple’s media event on Monday, March 21st provided several important updates, a few snazzy new products and some nice upgrades to its existing lineup. If you have money and poor impulse control… read on. Hardware iPhone SE Display – 4″ Retina display. 1136‑by‑640‑pixel resolution at 326 ppi. 800:1 contrast ratio (typical). Processor – A9 chip with 64‑bit architecture. Embedded M9 motion coprocessor. […]

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Apple’s New iMacs Arrive Early

October 15, 2015 Apple Hardware
Apple's New iMacs 2015 - Thumbnail

An update to the iMac line was expected, but the general consensus was that we wouldn’t see anything until next year. So much for the general consensus… those morons. On Tuesday, Apple delivered a slew of new iMacs. You can find all the product details on Apples website – Apple iMac This post is about what you need […]

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Want The iPhone 6S? No Worries… Just Sell Your Old iPhone

October 8, 2015 Apple Hardware
How To Sell Your iPhone  - Thumbnail

The price is steep for a new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, but…  sell your current iPhone and you can substantially offset the cost. So… what do you need to do? Determine The Upgrade Cost With Your Carrier What’s important here is that: You do not want to trade/give your old phone to your carrier. You are […]

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