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Remote Control – At Last… An App For Codependents

by John Carroll on April 13, 2017

Remote Control is an App with a ton of great features… and it has the exact same name as an awesome 1988 Keven Dillon movie about a video store clerk battling aliens. What are the odds? I concentrate on the App here, but in case I’ve piqued your interest… I’ve included several stills from the movie. I […]


IPhone Magnification Tool… Let’s Take A Closer Look

November 3, 2016 Apple Tips & Tricks
iPhone Magnification Tool Thumbnail Image

As the years pass, things don’t appear clear anymore. Don’t get me wrong, My keen insight into life hasn’t failed… l’m just having a harder time reading restaurant menus and the labels on medicine bottles. Back in July 2013, I came up with a clever solution to this problem – iPhone 5… Helping Me See Very […]

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Surprise! Your iPad Can Be Fun… Not Just Heavy

October 6, 2016 Cool iPad & iPhone Apps
Remember How It Felt When You Picked Up Your First iPad - Thumbnail

Empire magazine on the iPad is a completely innovative and immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever picked up at a newsstand. It’s a movie lover’s dream packed with in-depth news, interactive slideshows, animated graphics, full-screen trailers and offbeat features written by directors and stars. Fear not… if you don’t have an iPad you can order the print version direct from Empire, though each issue destroys […]

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Philips Hue… It’s Lighting Not A Law Firm

September 22, 2016 Amazon Echo
Philips Hue - House Lighting Thumbnail

I’ve been living with Philips Hue wireless lighting for a few months now and it’s been an interesting experience. There are pros and cons, but it’s undeniably the path to the future as it offers everything current home lighting lacks: bulbs that last for years, incredibly versatile light management and complete control whether you’re at home or not. […]

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Turn Your iPhone Into A DSLR… It Just Takes A Moment

June 9, 2016 Apple Tips & Tricks
Moment Camera System for the iPhone Review - Thumbnail

This is our 400th post. Hard to believe, but this little blog started on June 11th, 2011. That makes us almost 5 years old to the day. So raise a glass to celebrate… especially if you’re at work, driving a school bus or operating any kind of massive construction crane. Mazel tov. Now… lets talk about the Moment What […]

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Audiobooks… Listen Up, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

January 28, 2016 Apple Mac
Audiobook Ecstasy - Thumbnail

Back in the early eighties when audiobooks were still scarce, a writer named Stephen King, paid his kids $15 to $20 to read books onto cassette tapes. King has always been a fan of the form and his works have been turned into some of the most compelling audiobooks available. All this by way of saying… […]

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Mac, iPad & iPhone Owners… Meet ‘The Making Of Star Wars’

December 10, 2015 Apple Mac
A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far, Far Away... - Thumbnail

I’m not a big iBook reader, but this is something no Star Wars fan should pass up… The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film by JW Rinzler was released in 2007 at a hardcover price of $85.00. Keep reading… At 372 pages it is without doubt the most extensive book ever written […]

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BB-8… Preorder This Years Must Have Gift For Kids

September 24, 2015 Cool Hardware
Sphero = BB=8 Preview - Thumbnail

Star Wars – The Force Awakens arrives December 18th and already an avalanche of books, comics and toys have hit the stores. One that’s getting a lot of attention is a a tiny droid called BB-8. You might have caught a glimpse of BB-8 in the trailers… a rolling ball with a head oozing the kind […]

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Bored No More… Flipboard For The iPhone And iPad – Part 2

October 2, 2014 Apple Tips & Tricks
Flipboard - Say Goodbye To Boredom - Part 2

If you’re new to Flipboard, read Part 1 to learn how to download, install, and use the App. This is is a go-to guide for those looking for instruction and information on Flipboard’s features. Although written for the iPhone, most of what you read here also applies to the iPad. On the iPad, you may see a […]

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Bored No More… Flipboard For The iPhone And iPad – Part 1

September 29, 2014 Apple Tips & Tricks
Flipboard - Say Goodbye To Boredom - Part 2

Flipboard is a digital magazine where you choose the content. Pick from over 20 categories: News, Style, Travel, Books, Music, Tech and Science, Photos and Design, City Guides and more. Once you select a category, you have access to hundreds of articles gathered from news, magazine, and social media sources. It’s perfect if you’re: in line at the pharmacy behind an old person […]

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