Consider An Upgrade. Your Mac Is Only Mostly Dead.

January 5, 2017 Apple Hardware
Upgrade Your Old Mac - Thumbnail

If your computer has slowed to a crawl, being perpetually annoyed and ignoring the problem is not a great strategy. Over the past few years two major changes have occurred that you should know about: The latest Apple computers have become more expensive and less upgradeable. The cost of upgrading has significantly dropped. Should You Buy A […]

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No Problem Mac Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas

December 25, 2016 Uncategorized
Christmas 2016 Thumbnail

This year over 400,000 readers from 222 countries visited the Blog. Whether you’re sipping cocktails in a high rise or buried under rubble in a war zone… thank you for stopping by. Now the bad news. The final post for 2016 was scheduled for Thursday the 29th. Unfortunately, yesterday I bought an Xbox One S and quickly lost interest in working, eating […]

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Fantastic Gifts And Where To Find Them

December 15, 2016 Amazon Echo
Fantastic Gifts 2016 - Thumbnail

We all know that material possessions don’t lead to happiness. Not giving gifts should be seen as an attempt to provide others with a deep sense of joy. In case your friends and family don’t feel this is an amazing insight… I’ve put together this list of gift ideas you can use in an emergency. […]

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Apple Notes. Finally… A Good Place To Hide Your Secrets

December 1, 2016 Apple Tips & Tricks
Lisbeth Apple Notes Lock Thumbnail

Notes provides a quick place to store information that can be synced across Macs and iOS devices. In macOS Sierra you can now password protect individual notes. You may have notes containing medical information, business ideas, outrageous life goals, embarrassing daily affirmations or really bad poetry that you don’t want anyone to see. If you keep your passwords in […]

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No Post Today… New Macbook Pro To Blame

November 17, 2016 Uncategorized
Macbook Pro - Late 2016 - 15

Yesterday, my new Macbook Pro arrived. I maxed out the specs.. and it ended up costing the kind of money you could use to end world hunger. Still… it was worth every penny. The Touch Bar alone is an amazing addition, the new keyboard is perfect and the sound will blow your socks off, if you happen […]

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IPhone Magnification Tool… Let’s Take A Closer Look

November 3, 2016 Apple Tips & Tricks
iPhone Magnification Tool Thumbnail Image

As the years pass, things don’t appear clear anymore. Don’t get me wrong, My keen insight into life hasn’t failed… l’m just having a harder time reading restaurant menus and the labels on medicine bottles. Back in July 2013, I came up with a clever solution to this problem – iPhone 5… Helping Me See Very […]

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Wired or Wireless – The iMac Keyboard Question

October 20, 2016 Apple Hardware
The Walk - Thumbnail - Wired

When you buy a new iMac, Apple automatically include a wireless keyboard. It’s nice of them… but like an arranged marriage you could end up with something you slowly grow to despise. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Apple’s wired and wireless keyboards… then I’ll show you how to get the […]

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Surprise! Your iPad Can Be Fun… Not Just Heavy

October 6, 2016 Cool iPad & iPhone Apps
Remember How It Felt When You Picked Up Your First iPad - Thumbnail

Empire magazine on the iPad is a completely innovative and immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever picked up at a newsstand. It’s a movie lover’s dream packed with in-depth news, interactive slideshows, animated graphics, full-screen trailers and offbeat features written by directors and stars. Fear not… if you don’t have an iPad you can order the print version direct from Empire, though each issue destroys […]

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Philips Hue… It’s Lighting Not A Law Firm

September 22, 2016 Amazon Echo
Philips Hue - House Lighting Thumbnail

I’ve been living with Philips Hue wireless lighting for a few months now and it’s been an interesting experience. There are pros and cons, but it’s undeniably the path to the future as it offers everything current home lighting lacks: bulbs that last for years, incredibly versatile light management and complete control whether you’re at home or not. […]

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First iPhone 7 Contact With Humanity Expected September 16th

September 8, 2016 Apple Hardware
Arrival- iPhone 7 Thumbnail

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 yesterday. As expected, it’s wafer thin, outrageously sexy and filled with amazing new features. Should you buy it? If you own an iPhone 5S or lower, my advice is to upgrade. Don’t wait because your current iPhone works fine. Technology is constantly changing. If you wait, you won’t end up a bit behind […]

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