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Scott W - Los Angeles, CA - 05/21/11

Even Eve Had Trouble With Her First Apple

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I was having problems with my network recently, so I did what I always do -- I started searching google for the answer, only with so many people either giving out the wrong information or having found the answer they never went back to post what it was, I was pretty frustrated. A friend of mine mentioned she'd met someone who had helped her a lot with her macs and so begrudgingly I gave the guy a call. Long story short, John was great. He understood that I was desperate and found a spot for me the next day. He showed up on time and after a few questions went right to work. He didn't even mind my looking over his shoulder to learn a few things. In no time at all he diagnosed and solved the problem. He even gave me a few tips about how to avoid the problem in the future. I'm often reminded of the SNL sketch where the I.T. guy comes in to fix a problem and condescendingly says, "MOOVEEE ..." that's not this guy. John was very professional and polite. Rather than having wasted all those hours searching for an answer I did not find, I should've called John in the first place and will from here on out.  Thanks John!

I can't say enough wonderful things about John. He is both brilliant when it comes to dealing with any kind of Mac issue and very conscientious. He did the impossible in helping me and at short notice too. He then followed up to make sure everything was running smoothly. We recently moved across country and he's been so helpful in figuring out why my new Mac is having trouble with the wifi that was installed in our home. Prompt, professional and always willing to take time to teach and offer any tips he knows...and he knows a lot of them. I never write reviews, but felt others should know about No Problem Mac and John the owner.


Pbm A - Venice, CA - 03/21/12

Yelp 5 Stars

John is our knight in shining armor!!  No matter what computer adventures we get 
ourselves into--he rescues us! And he does so very quickly, efficiently and with a charming English accent!

He is brilliant, patient and unstoppable. Everyone that I have referred him to has been delighted as well.

We recommend him 100%!

Cyndy, Balloon Celebrations Santa Monica

Cyndy J - Santa Monica, CA - 12/27/11


Just had John back to fine tune iTunes. After amalgamating three libraries, he showed me some tips for making playlists that are so handy and simple to use.
I had no idea there was so much going on "behind the scenes" in iTunes. Now we have album art, Cd's rip at the right sound quality and I can help the software differentiate between an album and an audiobook.

An added bonus was finding out I could control everything from my iPhone. And it's free.

Thank you again for all the info and good luck with your business.

Bryan H - Los Angeles, CA - 06/26/11


Every computer place I call has a "diagnostic fee." That's before they even attempt to fix anything. I found No Problem Mac on Craig's List.

John answered a lot of my questions on the phone completely free of charge. I decided to have him come out to my house. My "Mobile Me" had stopped syncing a week ago and I felt like I finally needed to upgrade to Snow Leopard. He fixed the syncing problem and completed the upgrade on both my Macs within 2 hours. I like the fact that I could ask whatever questions i needed to and he was happy to answer them. I had him stay back an extra hour to go through some iPhoto and iTunes questions.

Overall, he knows what he is doing and is able to explain it in plain English. He's also patient which I find important when you're trying to pick up new stuff. Like a good car mechanic, you stick with them and recommend them to your friends.

Jack C - Los Angeles, CA - 06/14/11


Imagine my surprise on dumping our Pentium 4 and purchasing an iMac to discover it worked nothing like a PC. As I was unable to solve the problem with a hammer or a screwdriver, I took a look on Google and stumbled across No Problem Mac. When I called, I was assured that anyone can learn to use a Mac. I admit, a part of me wanted this experiment to fail.

John arrived at my door and asked to see the Mac. I almost told him the Mac was doing fine, but I was the one in need of assistance.

His next question surprised me, as I'd never once been asked it in High School. "How do you like to learn? Do you want to watch me or do you want to sit in the chair?" I said, i just wanted to ask questions.

So, I got a self-guided tour of the Mac at the pace I needed. Mail, iCal, iPhoto, the Finder and whatever else sprang to mind. John's good at this. He's patient. that's important when you pay someone to come to your house. You don't want to feel like an idiot.

My wife stopped by, then pulled up a chair. It was starting to look like an Apple commercial, but the truth was it was fun to have a computer I would enjoy using.

John did a stellar job. I have my eye on an iPad next, so i'll be giving him another call. Many Thanks.

Bryan H - Los Angeles, CA - 05/27/11


I went to the Mac store in Santa Monica hoping they could rescue a bunch of email folders that had disappeared. They told me my emails were gone.

I got John's name from a friend and I called him. He found the missing email folders in less than a minute. No-one at the Mac Store had bothered to look in the right place for the folders because they just assumed they were deleted.

After that he copied my drive and somehow managed to retrieve 9,500 emails I'd previously deleted. It was a lot to go through, but I got back some photographs I really wanted. Before he left he took a look at my new and amazingly convenient non-working wireless printer and got it to work.

When I get a problem, I call John. I like to hear "Let's take a look" and I'm not so hot on the "Your data's gone" approach.

Judy B - Los Angeles, CA - 05/28/11


Lana S - Santa Monica, CA - 05/19/11

I know Apple have classes, but I like learning in my own home on my own iPad. I can fit the class to my schedule and not the other way around. Also, I get to call John later that day and go over any questions I have. He's easygoing, but he really knows what he's doing.

After two months, I was enjoying myself so much I decided to make the jump to Mac. John helped me pick the best time to buy and get the model that fit my needs and my cluttered desktop. We carefully measured :)

After getting everything up and running, he transferred all my documents, photos and music from my PC to my Mac in about twenty minutes. He even took an old PC drive and reused it as a Time Machine backup drive for the Mac. It all took a few hours, but when he left, everything was working exactly as advertised. Talk about a smooth transition.

Next visit, he synched my Blackberry with the Mac and helped me find a printer.

I'm sold. I wouldn't have moved to Mac without John. There isn't a guide on the planet that could get me back to a PC.


Laurie P - Brentwood, CA - 12/12/10

I love you, Apple.  Love.  But same-day Genius Bar appointments are rare, they run up to 45 minutes behind and can only spend 15 minutes w/ you.  Plus, the store is packed and smells like feet.  AppleCare usually tells me to re-install my OS.  It's like going to the student health center, they're gonna tell you you're pregnant or you've got mono.

A friend had a great experience with John, so I called.  He was at my apartment in 40 minutes and had my problem solved in ten. No reinstall. I asked about other stuff and he worked that all out, too.  Now my iPhone syncs perfectly with the computer, music, photos, address book,  all good.

He got me going on iCal, which I never would've used, totally keeps me on track. I've got six email accounts coming into mail, don't ask me how!

John's funny & has a visual way of explaining things where they just make sense. Total value.  I've bought two Apple One-On-One packages and only used a few sessions.  Wish I'd put that $ toward time w/John.  From now on, I will.

He answers the phone whenever I call and he's saved me during more than one deadline panic. I've yet to hit a problem he couldn't fix. Definitely recommend.


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I hate technology. I am also impatient. I don't want to know how the networked thingy on my iPad works. I don't want lessons on what buttons to press. I just want it to work.

My wireless kept going out and it was driving me crazy. I called John, praying he'd come to the house, fix the problem and tell me as little as possible.

We were up and running within an hour. Sanity restored. No tech talk. So I'm spreading the good word.

Don't stay crazy. Give him a call.


My husband has suffered for YEARS with chronic address book and calendar problems. Duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate entries across multiple Apple devices. So much frustration...until now. Dr. John made a house call and in three hours had my husband's devices up and running and synched correctly.

Happy husband = happier wife.

Thanks, John!

Lorrian I - Long Beach, CA - 06/27/12

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


My Mac is SO much more awesome now!. Before John got his hands on my Mac, it was mind-crushingly slow. John recommended a RAM upgrade, checked out my computer's specs and sent me a specific link directing me to where I could buy the exact correct RAM for my model of computer.

He then installed the RAM for me, upgraded the operating system and performed other seemingly magical rites which resulted in reclaiming about 40+GBs worth of hard drive space, and generally making my mac run like new again!

He made further recommendations of ways I can keep things running smoothly and installed a couple of handy apps to help me do this.

In short, I love my computer again and it's all thanks to John!!

Lucy B - Los Angeles, CA - 06/27/12

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


It's Not My Fault!. John Carroll of No Problem Mac had me repeating this mantra in No Time!  His assurance I am not to blame for computer issues gone wonky fits right in with all the other great qualities he has as a “teacher”- super competent, quick thinking, tenacious, reliable, humorous and non-judgmental.

John clearly cares and is passionate about what he’s doing.  He has also quickly responded to my 911 calls between visits and generously helped me solved matters, quickly and miraculously over the phone.  On the rare occasion he has not had the answer, he researched issue and got right back to me.

I could not ask for a better person to assist me along the exciting/frustrating/still flawed Mac technology path than Mr. Carroll.  Even when I ask cryptic, “kindergarten level” questions, he gets it and then gets right to the root of things.

I‘m the novice Mac user who loves acquiring all things Apple: i- Phone, Pad, and Mac, then becomes completely befuddled about how to “keep it all together”.  This especially the case with my photo snapping habit, hence over 10,000 amassed images.  Enter iCloud, and things got really cloudy.  Not to mention all sorts of troubled tendrils, including unrecognized passwords (not my fault; it was Mac’s), jittery videos (not my fault, a Mac bug), and on and on.

John came highly recommended by a friend, and it is abundantly clear why!

Juliana C - Venice, CA - 04/16/12

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


Kate P - Los Angeles, CA - 07/16/12


Story of the Slow Computer.... INT. GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO. DAY: I am a graphic designer and rely on my mac computer to be in tip top shape to run my business... and it wasn't. It was operating VERY slowly, so slowly it was unbearable, so slowly I couldn't operate my design software.... and it was only two years old.


I met John through a friend and heard that he helped people with these kinds of problems, so we got to talking, I told him my issues and we set up a appointment.


John walked me through the process of ordering the parts that I needed online to increase my mac's memory. (Please forgive my technological ignorance, I don't know exactly what these things are called)


I met up with John, brought my online purchases and he installed the new parts into my computer - and in less than an hour, it was up and running like it did when I first bought the thing. Amazing. Not only was my computer fixed but John also taught me a series of ways that I can keep my computer running in optimal shape in the future.


As a side note, I have all sorts of apple products and am really apprehensive to trust anyone with them that isn't wearing a genius shirt.... especially because my livelihood is dependent upon them. John was very professional, knowledgable and super reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a mac issue.


Ashley T - Los Angeles, CA - 04/07/12

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


Up late last night like other millions of people around the globe who were hoping to capture the elite and imagined elusive bird known as iPhone 5 before anyone else did. About to go to bed in defeat until I read some tips and clues recommended by No Problem Mac. He saved the day and within moments I had my confirmation e-mail that I had captured my prize. THANK YOU Mr. Mac (aka John)! I highly recommend all apple product fans and those with less than perfect tech skills as well as those in need of amazing precision and knowledge to check out this gorgeous and information packed site. I am a fan and a satisfied customer!!!

Lisa S - Newbury Park, CA - 09/14/12

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


John spent a good deal of time on the phone understanding my needs before providing an accurate quote for the service I was requesting. From start to finish it was an excellent experience.

I hired John to help me with connecting all of my Apple products and matching them to the Cloud. Having over 14,000 songs, it was important to have my iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV in sync for both my husband and my devices. John was courteous, prompt, knowledgeable and an excellent value for services provided.
I highly recommend No Problem Mac for any size job no matter how small or how large. You won't find anyone better than John!

Tanya J - Glendale, CA - 01/18/13

Angie's List Badge

ALWAYS and I mean always No Problem Mac saves the day. I have been to the Genius Bar, and may I say, for all the IQ supposedly stacked behind the counter...John of No Problem Mac is the man I'd put my money on every time.

I never write reviews, but I felt I had to this time as I am so utterly grateful that once again John fixed my Mac in about an hour when I'd been told that it would cost close to a $1,000 and my Mac would have to be sent away for over a week. I so appreciate that he gives so much time, expertise and care to his work that you know you are getting the best deal.

He has helped me so much over the months and even long distance by phone. He is patient, generous and has the ability to explain with great clarity what the problem is and why he is doing what he is doing. And the thing I most appreciate about John, next to being able to finally use my iMovie and the evil iCloud as well as relearn how to backup my files properly that I trust him.

Because I am so challenged, to put it mildly, regarding computers, I know I am lucky to have found No Problem Mac. I can tell you from my experience, and that of friend's who have used No Problem Mac as well, that John is honest and will always go the extra mile for you and your Mac.

Thank you John Carroll at No Problem Mac! I am so grateful to you for your speedy response - even on the weekend!

Thank you for calling me back even when you were out of town on a Saturday to help answer a really worrisome problem with my Mac email client, and thank you for calling me back asap on another weekend - even late on a Sunday so I didn't have to worry all night until Monday morning.

So appreciative to you once again!

I highly recommend John Carroll at No Problem Mac for any and all Mac snafus, concerns, or problems. Thank you so much!

John is a genius. My wife and I are aging boomers and wanted AppleTV.

Our problem was that we were running a monitor through a receiver/tuner. The AppleTV appliance is built for straight HDMI. We were stuck. I found No ProblemMac on Angie’s List and emailed my problem. Within minutes I received a call. John soon arrived at our house and in no time we were enjoying AppleTV. His patience is remarkable and he made it all so easy.

Could not have been better or easier from our perspective.

Pamela B, Los Angeles, CA & Washington, D.C. - 02/06/13

Citysearch 100% Thumbs Up


Laura W - Los Angeles, CA - 02/10/13


Ron J - Playa Del Rey, CA - 02/13/13

Angie's List Badge

Last week I got a replacement iPhone.  Verizon gave me a ridiculous way to back it up and restore it. Everything went awry.  I had been holding onto John's card for awhile, so I finally ended up calling him for much needed help.  

I don't know where to start, so I will begin by telling you that he is amazingly reliable.  When I called him, he asked if he could call me back in a half hour.  Sure enough, he called back exactly when he said he would. He was able to get my new iPhone up and running like new while sharing my computer from his home.  I was so impressed with how professional he was, that I then set up an in home appointment for him to come and help me with other things on my computer.  

Living in LA, I am not used to people being true to their word, but John, he was EXACTLY on time, extremely professional and polite. He doesn't mind at all if you sit next to him and ask questions, he actually welcomed it.  He was unbelievably patient,  and as Scott W wrote, he asked a few questions, and then got to work. He also printed out some tips from his web site to make using my computer an easier task.  I have scheduled a third appointment with John to come back this week to do a complete upgrade so that my iPhone, computer and iPad are all in sync with each other.  

All I can say is, I totally scored the day I contacted him. If any one needs a super nice, VERY PROFESSIONAL, VERY POLITE, VERY PATIENT,  VERY RELIABLE and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE Mac tech, John is that person. Contacting John was like hitting the jackpot.

Erica M - Marina Del Rey, CA - 12/01/13