Brand new. 64GB of memory. Wi-Fi + Cellular. Applecare… and the iPad Air is over a thousand dollars.

That line from Lord Of The Rings ran through my head as I considered my options.

Apple iPad Air

Just the idea of spending that much money makes me nauseous.

Then I came across a delightful link to Apple Store Special Financing Offer.

What Is Interest-Free Financing?

Intrest-free financing means that you are charged no interest if you make monthly payments and pay back the full principal amount within a stated time period.

If you don’t pay the full amount back within the stated time period you are generally liable for all interest and/or financing charges to date.

Barclaycard are currently offering the following financing on Apple products:Apple Limited Time Special Financing Offer

  • 6 months on purchases up to $499.00
  • 12 months on purchases from $499.00 – $1,998.00
  • 18 months on purchases $1,998.00 and over.

I figured I could initially pay out about $200.00 and be left paying less than $80.00 a month for the next 11 months.

$80.00 a month, I wouldn’t feel. It’s the frog in a pot principle.

Drop a frog in boiling water and he’ll jump out. Place him in water at room temperature and slowly bring it to the boil and he’ll sit there and cook.

I was happy to cook.

How To Apply

After clicking the Apply button, you provide some pretty basic information at Barclaycard, you’re told right away if you’ve been granted credit.

You can wait for your Barclaycard Visa to arrive or click on a provided link to start shopping at the Apple Store right away.

Yay 🙂

Please Take Note…

Before you apply for and/or use financing remember to to read all of the information provided by both Barclaycard and Apple.

Take particular note of the financial penalties that will be levied should you fail to pay back the amount borrowed in the prescribed way and/or before the prescribed time.

This site and it’s owner are not financial experts and do not recommend any particular course of action. You are responsible for any risks you take.


As long as this offer or something like it exists, this is how I’ll be buying my Apple Products from now on.

Have a fun weekend.

John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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