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Are You Using Protection?

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Apple Tips & Tricks, Cool Hardware

Brownouts are common in Los Angeles.

Some things are not happy when power is removed: dictators and electronics come to mind.

Apple computers fare well when brownouts hit.

Unfortunately, the macOS can be damaged, important work may be lost and attached drives can be corrupted.

If you own a projector, a sudden loss of power will stop the fans from spinning and the bulb may explode.

The Answer Is A Backup Battery UPS.

A necessity for all business and home mac users in Los Angeles.

Consider it a cheap form of Mac support that will save you money and headaches.

A backup UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) employs a large battery that can run for up to 15 minutes after a loss of power. This gives you time to save work, cease any macOS operations and shut down devices safely.

Most UPS systems come with several outlets. All are surge protected, but only some will offer backup battery protection. Figure out what you need before you go shopping.

One Size UPS Fits All?

Backup UPS come in different sizes measured in watts.

Take a look at the equipment you need to protect. The power requirement is either listed on the item itself or in the owners manual.

Once you get a rough idea of the total watts you need, buy a backup that can handle more than you are going to throw at it. Remember, you may add more equipment later.

What To Buy

I use APC backups. Amazon has a large selection or you can buy direct from the manufacturer. Most come with warranties and batteries can be replaced as they wear out.

A Final Thought

No matter how smart you are . . .  don’t throw out the APC manual. Units communicate status using lights and beeping noises. Without the manual . . .  you won’t know what it is telling you.

If you need help choosing and setting up a backup system give us a call.

Leave any comments and suggestions below.

Have a good week.

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