Best 3D Blu Rays To Escape From Lockdown

May 27, 2020 | Home Theater

Do you crave a connection with the real world, but wish to stay alive?

3D Blu Rays provide a terrific alternative to reality and can be enjoyed without wearing a mask.

Full disclosure – This post includes affiliate links to 3D movies on Amazon . . . which is to say . . . if you click a link and buy something I will be rewarded with a small amount of money I can use to buy food and medical supplies. 

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How Do I Know If Can I Watch 3D Movies?

You need three things:

1. A 3D compatible TV or projector.
2. A Blu Ray player that will play 3D discs.
3. 3D glasses that work with your TV or projector.

How will you know if your TV and Blu Ray player will play 3D movies? Type the following into Google – Will the (insert model number here)  play 3D movies. 

How do you get the right 3D glasses? Type the following into Google – What 3D glasses will work with the (insert TV model number here).

XPAND 3D Glasses

TV manufacturers sell 3D glasses, but they are expensive. There are cheaper pairs on Amazon. I reccomend the XPand brand. Always read the description and make sure they work with your TV model.

What Are The Top 3D Movies To Watch?

Once you’ve got the gear, you’ll need to shop for Blu Rays. Here are my picks for the best 3D Movies out there. Click titles or images to buy on Amazon. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Artemis

If there is one movie that begs to be seen in 3D, this is it. There are at least a dozen sequences that will blow you away. The opening race is a demotion derby of epic proportions and is worth the price of admission alone.

Ready Player One GIF

Ready Player One is primarily set in the Oasis; a massive virtual realm where players get to live out their fantasies. Even with a toy box this big, Spielberg never lets 3D get in the way of telling an emotionally compelling story.

Highly recommended.

Mad Max – Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road 3D Furiosa

A sensory experiece akin to placing your brain in a blender, Fury Road provides hands-down the greatest chase sequence in history and the strongest female hero since Joan of Arc.


Gravity 3D Blu Ray

One of the few movies where 3D ratchets up more tension and fear than its 2D counterpart. Floating in space, the sense of depth and scale is phenomenal.

Gravity 3D Blu Ray

Worth the price of admission alone to watch the International Space Station explode and shower your living room with thousands of shards of metal and glass.

Monster House

Monster House 3D Blu Ray

Largely ignored, this is a great little movie that creates that perfect balance – entertaining enough for children and smart enough for adults.  Monster House follows a group of endearing oddballs as the embark on a rescue misson into an old, crumbling and possibly carniverous neighborhood house.

Monster House 3D Blu Ray

As it’s completely computer generated, the animators weren’t hampered by the laws of physics. The result is a 3D rollercoaster ride.

The Walk

The Walk 3D Blu Ray

On August 7th, 1974 Philippe Petit walked across a tightrope strung between the twin towers. One quarter of a mile off the ground, he stayed on the wire for 45 minutes.

The Walk 3D Blu Ray

The 3D effect is so realistic, many people with a fear of heights couldn’t stay in theaters and several threw up. I can think of no higher reccomendation.


Avatar 3D Blu Ray

The one that started it all, ‘Avatar’ remains a visually stunning example of how to use 3D to enhance a story without resorting to stupid gimmicks.

Avatar 3D Blu Ray

Combine incredible 3D visuals with an expansive surround sound mix and you’ll think you’ve been dropped into the jungle on an alien planet. A good option, when you can’t get out of the house.


Prometheus 3D Blue Ray

Shot in Iceland, Scotland and the grimy, volcanic planet LV223, the landscapes in ‘Prometheus’ will take your breath away. 3D is subtle in some places and in your face when it needs to be.

Prometheus Crash 3D Blu Ray

Get ‘Gravity’ and ‘Prometheus’ in a 3D two pack from Amazon.

Adventures Of Tintin

Adventures of Tintin - 3D Blu Ray

Tintin may be computer generated, but it’s not a cartoon. Director Steven Spielberg shot, lit and set up every scene as if he was making a feature film. The results are spectacular.

Tintin 3D Blu Ray

Tintin has all the elements of a great family movie . . . a boy, a dog and a gruff alcoholic sea captain in a race to find a mysterious treasure. There is no singing or romance.


Judge Dredd 3D

Karl Urban dons the mask and takes his rookie partner, played with gusto by Olivia Thirlby, on a training run through one of the most violent areas of the city. What follows is a kind of celluloid genocide. Literally thousands of people are shot, burned, blown up and maimed . . .  and all this in 3D. Trust me, it’s incredibly entertaining.

3D Blu Rays Worth Watching

Many 3D movies should be on the list, but didn’t make it because I was too lazy to continue writing. That’s it. Have a great week.

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