Mac Shortcuts – Taking Out The Trash

by John Carroll on July 7, 2012

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Two common actions on the Mac are “dragging items to the Trash” and “emptying the Trash.”TrashIt

When you’re new it’s pretty easy to pick up the wrong files or drop your selection before you get anywhere near the Trash.

You can avoid these problems by remembering two simple shortcuts.

  1. To put an item in the Trash, click it once, then hold down the Command key and press Delete.
  2. To empty the Trash, hold down the Command and the Shift keys and press Delete.

There are times when you get a warning message and the Trash won’t empty. There are complex solutions to this problem… and then there’s TrashIt.

TrashIt is free and it forces the Trash to empty. Download it here and give it a try.

To learn more about Keystroke Shortcuts, click here.

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