How To… Check Or Replace The Battery On Your Macbook Pro

by John Carroll on March 8, 2013

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Apple Mac Battery Survival Guide

If you hang on to your your Macbook long enough the battery will eventually fail.

It won’t be a surprise. Along with a dwindling ability to hold a charge, you’ll get messages from your Mac warning you of the battery condition.

In fact, you can check the condition of the battery on your Mac at any time.

The Battery Status Indicator

The Battery Status Indicator is located on the right-hand side of the Menu Bar and is, oddly enough, shaped like a battery.

Apple Mac Battery StatusIf you don’t see this symbol:

  • Click on the black Apple on the left-hand side of the Menu Bar.
  • Choose System Preferences.
  • Select Energy Saver.
  • At the bottom, check the box labelled Show battery status in menu bar.
  • Click the red cherry button to close System Preferences.
  • The Battery Status Indicator should show on the Menu Bar.

Apple Mac Battery Status - Energy Preferences

Checking Battery Status – Mountain Lion 10.8

If your Macbook Pro is plugged out and you click on the Battery Status Indicator, a drop-down menu will provide the following information:

Apple Mac Battery Condition

Condition: – Battery condition can be Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now or Service Battery. These states are discussed below.

X:XX Remaining – The approximate usage time left on the battery if the workload remains constant.

Power Source: – Either Battery or Power Adapter

Show Percentage – The percentage of charge left in the battery is shown on the Menu Bar next to the battery symbol.

Open Energy Saver Preferences – This takes you right to the Energy Saver tab in System Preferences.

Mountain Lion has removed the option to show Time Remaining on the Menu BarBattery Time
next to the battery symbol. If you’d like to regain this functionality, you can
download a small application called Battery-Time-Remaining.

Battery Condition

OSX lists 4 states for your battery as follows:

Normal: The battery is operating within normal parameters.

Replace Soon – The battery is functioning normally, but is holding less change than a new battery. You may want to replace it

Replace Now – The battery is functioning normally, but is holding significantly less change than a new battery. Replacement is recommended.

Service Battery – The battery is no longer functioning normally and may cause problems. Replacement is needed.

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If you want more detailed information there are places to get this on the Mac, but it’s easier to download an install an App called Battery Health.

Battle Health

Battery Health provides: cycle count (number of times battery has been recharged), current maximum charge, original maximum charge and a host of other useful information.

Apple Mac Battery Health Window

How To Replace Your Battery

On older Macbook Pro’s you can simply flip a latch, slide the battery out and buy a new one. Newer models do not have a user-replaceable battery.

Thankfully, Apple offer a comprehensive battery replacement program. Macbook battery replacements range in price from about $129.00 to 199.00 depending on screen size and type.

Labor is included. All you have to do is make a Genius Bar appointment, explain what it is for, and bring your machine in. Replacement times will vary depending on your location.

Check out the following from Apple’s website – Battery Replacement Information For Apple Products and more detailed information on Mac Laptops – Mac Laptop Battery Replacement.

That’s it for batteries. Have a great weekend.

If you have questions, please use the Comments section below.

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