Apple Macbook Air Without DVD Drive

Getting A New Mac… How Will You Live Without A Disc Drive?

by John Carroll on December 2, 2013

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The introduction of each new super-slim iMac or Macbook Pro is greeted with howls of dismay.

Where’s the DVD drive? Are they all gone? Why is Apple doing this?

Don’t panic…

There are two ways of looking at this… and one will suit your needs perfectly.

Consider A Few Facts

  • When was the last time you bought software on a disc?
  • How often are you on long-haul fights trying to stave off boredom with a stash of DVDs.
  • Your iPad and iPhone have no disc drives. You appear to have no concerns about this.
  • Do you know how to rip CDs and DVDs? It would be good to know…. Will you be learning soon?
  • Do you really want all that weight back; turning the Macbook Air into the Macbook Anvil.

You Can Get A DVD Drive If You Want

In case you’re not aware, Apple sell the Superdrive; an independent DVD drive that connects with a single USB cable to any Mac.

At the Apple store the Apple USB Superdrive is super-expensive at $79.00.

Apple USB Superdrive

Still… it’s handy to have. I picked up one when I got my new razor-thin 27″ iMac.

If it gives you peace of mind, buy it.

When you travel, leave that sucker at home.

Something Important To Think About

Movies can be ripped. CDs can be burned.

Once digitized, you can put them on any device you like – iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch… and in some cases the Apple TV.

Digitizing your media sets it free.

Learning how to do this is not hard. Hire an expert if you need to.

Hope you have a fantastic week.

No Problem Mac does not advocate media piracy. All copyright laws should be adhered to. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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