No Problem Mac - Gift Guide For 2013 - Part 2

No Problem Mac – Gift Guide For 2013 – Part 2

by John Carroll on December 9, 2013

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With only 15 shopping days left, only those with the will to kill will get exactly the gifts they want.

Do not worry.

There is no need to resort to homicide to get a unique and memorable present.

There are 6 awesome gifts below, and another 6 in the first part of the guide – No Problem Mac – Gift Guide For 2013 – Part 1 - Gift Of Audiobooks ($45 to $150) – Audiobooks are the bomb. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to 50.3 days worth of audiobooks. Can you account completely for 50.3 days of your past? Stephen King and many other authors are big fans of audiobooks. They draw kids toward reading, not away from it.
Audible’s charges $15 a month and packages start at 3 months for $45. Each month readers receive a free credit for one audiobook and they can buy subsequent titles at reduced rates.

Coin - A Unique Gift To Slim Your Wallet

Coin ($50 Pre-Order Ends 12/13 – Standard Price $100) – Shaped like a credit card, this slim technological wonder, can carry the information of up to 8 credit, debit, or reward cards. Cards can be easily updated or changed using the free Coin App and the swipe plugin that comes with the card.
Coin uses a low-power bluetooth signal to warn you if you accidentally leave the card behind. As an added security measure, the card locks automatically as soon as the iPhone bluetooth connection is severed.
It’s a terrific idea, but it’s a tad over-priced. Act now and get the Coin for just $50. There’s nothing like a slimmer wallet… or purse.

Third Love - Custom Made Lingerie With Your iPad or iPhone

ThirdLove ($50 to $150) – ThirdLove have created an App that uses smartphone technology and body modeling software to measure your exact bra size. Once they have your measurements, they create a personal shop in the App for you. Here, you can browse and customize styles that are a perfect fit. Once you order, they promise you’ll get your merchandize within a week. If you need more information read the post – Women’s Underwear…There’s An App For That
This is a great gift for any friend, girlfriend, or wife. It shows you actually thought about what they might like… an activity rarely undertaken by most men.

No Problem Mac, iPad and iPhone Support - 2 Hour Gift Certificate

No Problem Mac Gift Certificate ($70 and Up) –  In an act of shameless self-promotion I decided to add myself to the list. Although this indicates a poor sense of ethics, it in no way interferes with my expertise with Apple products.
This is perfect for a parent with a new iPad, a spouse whose iPhone and iCloud are a tangled mess, or a friend who becomes unhinged at the idea of an upgrade.
We provide training, on-site troubleshooting, and phone support. Starting at a single hour this is a gift that’s unique and always gets used.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 For Mac

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 ($99) – Most beginners find Photoshop a little intimidating. No surprise, as it was created for professional photographers and designers. Sadly, it has a lot of great tools that amateur photographers would enjoy.
Adobe Photoshop Elements gives you those tools without a complex interface and a horrifically, steep learning curve. This is a great place to start if you’d love to improve or manipulate your photos.

OWC Solid State Drives For the Mac

OWC SSD Drive ($99 to $499 depending on size and grade) – The hard drive in your Mac spins at between 5,400 – 7.200 rpm. That speed impacts how fact your computer can access data.
SSDs (Solid State Drive) are the same size as a standard hard drive, but a whole helluva lot faster. SSDs have no moving parts and are less prone to catastrophic crashes than standard drives. They are already used in the Macbook Air and some models of the Macbook Pro and iMac. Within 2 years every Mac that’s sold will have one.
It’s not a cheap upgrade and you may require some technical help, but I guarantee you’ll notice the difference immediately.
OWC stands for One Word Computing. No Problem Mac has no affiliation with this company. I just like their stuff 🙂

That’s it. Hope you found something you liked. Don’t forget to check out the first part of the gift guide and have a great week.

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