UE Boom - The Perfect Gift

UE Boom – Without A Doubt… The Perfect Gift

by John Carroll on April 16, 2015

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Are you desperately searching for the right gift?

Looking for something that says “I’m happy,” “I’m sorry,” or… “I’d like to do that again?”

Does the recipient have two ears and own a smartphone?

We’ve got you covered.

The Answer

The UE Boom is an ultra-portable bluetooth speaker that plays music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac… and does a whole lot more.

The Details:

  • UE Boom is incredibly easy to use.UE Boom - Red Bluetooth Speaker
  • UE Book connects to all Apple computers and devices that emit a bluetooth signal; iPhone, iPad, iMac, Air, Macbook, etc,
  • UE Boom is Android friendly… if you are.
  • Connect up to 2 source devices at the same time.
  • The design creates a 360° sound-field, so perfect placement isn’t a problem.
  • You can plug it in or let it run off a built-in 15 hour rechargeable battery. Charge time 3.4 hours.
  • 2 UE Booms can be connected via bluetooth to create a stereo pair.
  • Acts as a speakerphone when a call comes in.
  • Water and stain resistant.
  • Available in 26 color and design combinations (10 of these are currently sold out.)


The packaging is very cool… a black cylinder that looks like something airdropped during WWII.

The cylinder opens to reveal the speaker and two circular compartments that hold the USB charging cable, plug and setup instructions.

UE Boom - Arnhem Airdrop 1944

Setup is a simple bluetooth pairing between the UE Boom and your chosen device.

How Does It Sound?

I have a pretty decent sound setup at my apartment… At the low setting, it lifts my upstairs neighbors off the floor

I couldn’t believe how good this little speaker sounded. It puts out a lot of power, but the sound remains clean with great bass. Best of all the 360° design creates a truly immersive sound field. In other words… it sounded really, really good.

Pool Party With UE Boom

When They Say Portable… They Mean Portable

The UE Boom connects to your device and will stay connected within a range of 50 feet.

It’s 2.6″ wide, 7.1″ high and weighs in at around 19oz… So… it’s like… small and weighs nothing.

You can take it from room to room in your house, use it by the pool, in the car, at work… or as friends tell me “I toss it in my handbag and play it wherever I want.”

What Else Can It Do?

If you’re listening to music and a call comes in… the UE Boom becomes a speakerphone. When the call ends, the music resumes.

Download an App and you can access additional functions: set up a stereo pair, use an equalizer, set up alarms, access support, etc,

UE Boom Tech and Layout Specs

How Perfect Could It Be?

I’ve already given 3 as gifts and the response was terrific. It wasn’t just a “Thank You”… they loved the sound and were really excited about all the places they could take their music.

And the Cost?

The bargain price – $179.99 at Amazon – UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I think, for less than $200, it’s the best bluetooth speaker on the planet. An outrageous claim and I’ve no evidence to back it up, but as my friends will tell you… I’m always right.

Have a great gift-giving weekend.

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