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Wired or Wireless – The iMac Keyboard Question

by John Carroll on October 20, 2016

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When you buy a new iMac, Apple automatically include a wireless keyboard.

It’s nice of them… but like an arranged marriage you could end up with something you slowly grow to despise.

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Apple’s wired and wireless keyboards… then I’ll show you how to get the one you want.

Wired Keyboard

Apple wired keyboard - front


  • It’s the only keyboard you can use to communicate with your Mac when a serious crash happens.
  • A longer keypad gives you seven extra function keys. Function keys can be assigned tasks like ‘show the desktop’ or ‘put the screen to sleep’.
  • It’s got a full-size numerical keypad.
  • On either side of the keyboard is a USB port.
  • You get arrow keys in their own section.
  • A larger keypad makes you look thinner.

Apple wired keyboard - side


  • The keyboard is longer. Generally not a problem… unless your home or apartment is less than 12 inches wide.
  • You can sometimes see the wire. This can be resolved by not looking.
  • It’s less cool. Displaying modern art or setting a small fire can direct the attention of visitors away from the keyboard.

Wireless Keyboard

Apple wirless keyboard - front


  • It has Bluetooth. All new things should have Bluetooth because it can do many things.
  • The keyboard weighs less. Expect little fatigue if you plan to carry it around the house.
  • It sits nicely on your lap.
  • It has no wires, minimizing the chance of becoming accidentally entangled and trapped until your cleaner arrives.
  • The numbers are small and placed at the top of the keyboard, a fashionable design choice as numbers, like words, are less and less important these days.
  • It can connect wirelessly to an Apple TV. Only important if you hate entering information using an Apple TV remote.

Apple wireless keyboard - side


  • It works on Bluetooth. When a Mac experiences a serious crash your futuristic keyboard is unable to communicate with it.
  • Bluetooth often disconnects for unknown reasons. Not a problem if you’ve learned to live with on again, off again relationships.
  • Without a numerical keypad, entering numbers tends to make users look like a chimp in a lab performing a difficult task.
  • It can easily side off your lap. Not a big concern unless you have a small child crawling around beneath your chair.
  • The latest Bluetooth keypads recharge using a lightning cable. If you just said “a what cable” you may be in trouble.

Get What You Want When You Buy

When you buy a custom iMac in the online Apple store you will have to make choices with regard to speed, memory and storage.

Don’t skim past the keyboard section. Take a minute to consider your choices.

iMac keyboard choices

If you want a wired keyboard use the dropdown menu to select:

Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad (English) & Users Guide

And Remember…

If you make the wrong choice, you can always drop into the local Apple Store and get the keyboard that’s right for you.

Few other mistakes in life can be corrected for around $79.

Happy typing 🙂

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I come direct to you. That’s as stress-free as it gets.

Wired or Wireless – The iMac Keyboard Question was last modified: October 20th, 2016 by John Carroll
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Avatar 1 Mike Davis November 18, 2016 at 3:23 am

Thanks for this post, John. I recently got a certified refurbished iMac and it came with the wireless keyboard. I hated it.

Fortunately, my wife owns a business where everyone uses Macs and they had an extra wired keyboard lying around, which she brought home for me. It is light years easier to use, especially for entering numbers. I also really like having “delete,” “home,” and “end” keys, which the wireless keyboard does not have.



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