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IPhone Magnification Tool… Let’s Take A Closer Look

by John Carroll on November 3, 2016

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As the years pass, things don’t appear clear anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, My keen insight into life hasn’t failed… l’m just having a harder time reading restaurant menus and the labels on medicine bottles.

Back in July 2013, I came up with a clever solution to this problem – iPhone 5… Helping Me See Very Small Things

With the arrival of iOS 10, Apple have finally created a tool to resolve this blind spot.

It’s easy to access, but you’d never find it without instructions.

iOS 10 provides the electronic equivalent of a magnifying glass and it works really well.

Quick Setup

  • First, go to Settings. Tap General, Tap Accessibility, Tap Zoom and turn it On.
  • Go back to the home screen.

iOS 10 iPhone Acessability Menu


iOS 10 iPhone Zoom Menu Option

Get To The Magnification Tool

  • Tap the home button three times. You have to do this quickly. If you mess up, just keep on trying.
  • iOS 10 iPhone Tap for magnificationWhen you get it right, you’re brought to the Magnification screen.

iOS 10 iPhone magnification menu

Let’s Magnify

  • First, set the magnification slider to it’s largest setting by moving the slider closest to the yellow minus symbol.
  • Hold the iPhone camera over the object that’s difficult to read.
  • When it pops into focus, press the shutter to take a shot.
  • If the shot is successful the shutter button has a yellow circle around it.

iOS 10 iPhone Pie magnification example

You can now magnify the image by moving the slider.

Move around by sliding your fingers across the screen.

The other buttons include Flash, Orientation Lock (Portrait or Landscape) and Filters that may aid viewing under certain lighting conditions.

That’s it. Your an expert.

Have a great weekend.

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