Why You Need A Second Email

Why You Need A Second Email Address

by John Carroll on March 31, 2017

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You wouldn’t drive with one eye on the road, try to strangle a partner with one hand or have only one breast enlarged… so why have just one email?

Only one of anything is bad. Everyone knows that.

Saving Your Sanity

When you forget the password to your primary email address, the easiest way to perform a password reset is to have the provider send an email to a second email address.

This is known as a rescue email address and it’s input when you first setup the account.

Five common problems:

  1. You never input a rescue email address.
  2. The rescue email address is an old email address you no longer have access to.
  3. The rescue email address is from a provider that no longer exists.
  4. You can’t remember the password to the rescue address.
  5. You set the primary email address as the rescue address… though this may work if you have multiple devices and one is still signed in.

Would you go swimming, mountain climbing or online dating with this level of safety? If so… please contact me as I’d like to watch what happens.

Second Email Address - Stress

How To Rescue Yourself?

  • Create a new email address (see below).
  • Go to your original email account online.
  • Locate Settings.
  • Find the area where you can enter a rescue email or alternate email. With different providers this can be under Personal Profile, Personal Information or Account Security. You may have to look around… or Google for the answer.

Second Email Address - 10 Good Reasons

Ten Other Good Reasons To Have A Second Email Address?

  • Create an email address for shopping only. This becomes a catch all for general spam and annoying subscriptions.
  • Be prepared. You may eventually want to leave an old provider that has continual problems with email clients like Apple Mail and Outlook.
  • Your primary email may go down and it’s good to have an alternate.
  • Some email providers provide better protection from spam. Try out the competition.
  • You may want an email that you only use for church, parent, game night, etc,., group mailings.
  • Many people email information to themselves as a backup. It’s cleaner if you use a dedicated email address for this.
  • If you post to comments and forums you may want to create an email that is built around an non-existent identity.
  • If you own a business you may want to separate business and personal correspondence.
  • A second email is extremely useful for testing forms on any website you build.
  • Always handy when you want to correspond discreetly with your lawyer as you prepare a divorce.

Second Email Address - Creating New

How Do I Create A New Email Address?

There is no boiler-plate answer to this question.

The good news is that once you decide to create a new address most providers give easy to follow instructions.

A few things to remember:

  • Always write down you new email address and password. Writing it on a scrap of paper or stating “I’ll never forget this” generally means that you’ll forget it. Write it down.
  • Provide accurate information. Later, if you need to identify yourself, you won’t be able to remember the fake information you gave.
  • Avoid two-step authentication until this is a universally used means of logging in on all email clients.
  • Choose a strong password. If you find yourself saying “I need to be able to remember it”… your password is weak.

Second Email Address - Choice

Who Can I Choose From?

Each of these free email providers have strengths and weaknesses.

A search of the web will bring up reviews and other providers you can consider.

Click on the links to see if you like what they are offering.

Remember, if you have a domain name and a website you can probably get email directly from your host. Email addresses will then end in your domain name.

Happy mailing 🙂

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