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If You Own A 4K TV… Consider Buying An Xbox One S

by John Carroll on May 4, 2017

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Even if you have no interest in games, there’s a compelling reason to buy an Xbox One S.

It’s a full featured Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player.

4K Ultra HD Logo

What Is Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray?

4K Blu-ray has a picture resolution 4 times greater than current HD. With over 8 million pixels it’s a perfect match for a 4K HDTV.

It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) which provides a wider, more accurate color spectrum and an incredibly high contrast range.

It’s a combination that produces a picture that’s noticeably richer, more lifelike and with a great deal more depth and detail.

The Xbox One S Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player is designed to exploit all these features and at just $249 the picture quality beats competitors charging twice the price.

It also performs an admirable job upscaling DVDs and standard Blu-ray to 4K.

Star Trek in 4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Availability

4K Blu Ray arrived last year. Like most new formats the initial rollout is slow with only a few dozen titles and fewer players available. The early days of DVD and Blu-ray were exactly the same.

A disc is the only way to get a full 4K picture without data compression and high resolution sound on your 4K TV.

Streaming 4K with this level of quality will almost certainly never happen. Your internet just couldn’t handle it.

4K Ultra HD - Arrival, Deadpool, Sing

Current 4K Blu-ray titles include: La La Land, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Deadpool, Logan, Hacksaw Ridge, Hunger Games, Sicario, Arrival and more.

4K Ultra HD - Logan, La La Land, John Wick

Here’s a list of current 4K Blu Ray titles at Amazon – 4K Blu Rays.

You should know that 4K Blu Ray movies are always packaged with a standard Blu Ray edition. If you plan to buy a Blu Ray of a favorite movie, it might be worth spending the extra few dollars on the 4K edition. That way, you get your movie now and you’re ready for the new format on the horizon.

Xbox One Media Remote

If the idea of navigating using a game controller makes you nauseous… you can grab a snazzy Xbox One Media Remote for just $24.99.

X Box One Media Remote

One other thing the Xbox One S offers:

Xbox Apps

As much as I love the Apple TV, it’s missing Amazon Prime Video. Understandable, as Apple and Amazon are competitors… but personally, I don’t care.

The Xbox One S has its own App Store with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, You Tube, HBO Go, Skype and more.

A lot of newer 4K TVs have Apps like these built in, but they may not be as comprehensive as what the Xbox offers and… you may own an older 4K TV that doesn’t give you access to streaming services.

Here’s a full list – Xbox One TV Apps.

Xbox One S App Menu

How Will It Fit In With My Current AV Equipment?

The Xbox One S slim and minimalist in design.

It can be placed horizontally like any other piece of AV equipment or it can stand vertically to save room… and look undeniably cool. It comes in white and a limited variety of other eye-catching colors.

Xbox One S Color Blue and White

Xbox One S Color Red and Camo Green

What Does It Cost?

As mentioned above, the Xbox One S is an incredibly low $249. You can generally find the console packaged with a game or sold in a more expensive limited edition version.

What About Games?

What about them? If this is your thing… you probably know about this already already.

That’s it.

Have a fun weekend.

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