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Finding An Image You’re Comfortable With

by John Carroll on May 25, 2017

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Google offer a number of unique tools to help users find images on the web.

If you write a newsletter, create presentations, or just like sending pictures of cats doing stunts to your friends… I urge you to read this.

Searching With Words And Pictures

Most of us use words and phrases to search for images, but Google also offer the ability to search by using an image you already have.

Google Images Search Box

Simple instructions are in this post – Use Google To Search For An Image… With An Image

There are five great reasons to use this tool:

  1. The search may help you discover the site where the original image came from.
  2. You may discover more information about the image.
  3. You can locate the same image in a larger size.
  4. You can find similar images.
  5. You can browse images with a similar color and tonal balance.

Image Categories

First, search for an image on Google, then click the Image tab at the top of the browser.

Google recently added a section that creates sub-categories for the image you’re looking for.

A search for the movie ‘blade runner 2049’ will yield these sub-categories: Wallpaper, Trailer, Ryan Gosling, Set Photos and more.

Google Images - Categories Movie

Some searches yield a less dramatic view of sub-categories.

If I search for “plane”, I get sub-categories as a series of colored buttons where like content is grouped by the same color.

Google Images - Categories Standard

If you can’t read the graphic… here’s what you are looking at:

Green – Games – gta 5, war thunder, minecraft, robocraft, kerbal space programs.

Blue – Airlines/Aircraft manufacturers – American Airlines, Airbus, Corsair, Boeing, Delta, Cessna.

Purple – Government – US Air force, NASA, Military

Scrolling right will reveal about 40 categories for this search.

This is a new feature. It’s far from perfect, but still very useful.

Refining Your Search

First, search for an image on Google, then click the Image tab at the top of the browser.

Click on the Tools button and you have six options:

  • Size – Limit your image search by size: Any Size, Large, Medium, Icon, Larger Than… and Exactly… Presentations and printed matter require high quality imagery to look good. Here you can weed out smaller pictures that don’t make the grade. The “Exactly…” tool is great for finding Desktop images that need to be an exact width and height.

Google Images - Tools - Size

  • Color – Options are: Any Color, Full Color, Black and White, Transparent and a 12 block color palette. This is perfect for finding an image that works with the color balance of a slide/page you are creating. “Transparent” isolates all images with transparent backgrounds. These can be placed against any backdrop.
  • Type – Image types are: Any Type, Face, Photo, Clip Art, line Drawing or Animated.

Google Images - Tools - Type

  • Time – Options are: Any Time, Past 24 Hours, Past Week and Custom Range. This would be useful if you were searching for images of an event that occurred on a specific date or during a particular period.
  • Usage rights – Options to avoid being sued include: Not Filtered By License, Labelled For Reuse With Modification, Labelled For Reuse, Labelled For NonCommercial Reuse With Modification and  Labelled For NonCommercial Reuse.
  • More tools – Only 2 options: All Results and Show Sizes. Show sizes is very useful when you are quick browsing.

Here are some great tips you may have missed – 12 Tips To Make Smarter Google Searches

Happy Searching

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