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For years, I carried an overstuffed wallet in my back pocket. It could hold anything and I filled it till it looked as if someone had stapled and armadillo to my ass.

Sitting on this giant lump could be painful… but that was the price of security.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with sciatica and told by a medical processional to “Take the stupid wallet out of my back pocket.”

I began searching for a replacement and was lucky enough to come across the Flipside Wallet.

FlipSide Wallet - 3X and Strata

The Flipside 3X is a small reinforced polycarbonate case that easily slips into a front pocket:

  • Holds 8 cards and 10 bills, with the new cash slot able to hold both cash and cards.
  • Flip Open Locking Mechanism.
  • Scratch Resistant Texture.
  • Detachable Clip:  The new external clip can hold cards, business cards, cash and more.
  • RFID Blocking: Two secure main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

The Flipside 3X is $39.95 and is also available in a slimmer design called the Flipside Strata for $29.95.

I’d never go back to a regular wallet. One of the best things about the Flipside is that it forces you to make choices over what cards to carry. You’d be amazed at what you can leave behind.

Coin takes a different approach.

Coin Product Shot

Coin won’t to replace your wallet, but it does promise to slim it down by taking all the data on your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards and placing it on a single card that can be read by any point-of-sale terminal.

The Coin card holds information on up to 8 individual cards.  A small e-ink display shows the currently active card. Users click a small button to switch to the card they want to use.

Sliding Coin Through Magnetic Card Reader

Setup is simple.

  • Coin owners download a free App from the App store..
  • A small attachment clips into the headphone socket and lets you swipe your cards.
  • Your cards can then be downloaded to the Coin.

The App uses Bluetooth to connect the Coin to the iPhone and this provides several other benefits:

  • You can swap out cards that you want on the device.
  • No more forgetting your card. Users are alerted when their Coin is out of range.
  • If the iPhone and Coin are not re-united within a configurable period of time the Coin locks and becomes unusable.

Lost Coin - iPhone Message

Coin has a two year battery-life, is water resistant, and strong enough to withstand everyday use.

It’s set to launch in Summer of 2014 for a cost of $100… so plenty of time to save for it.

Early adopters can Pre-order Coin at a special price of $50.00.

I love the idea, but have to say… $100 makes it overpriced.


If you’d like more information, check out the Coin website and Coin FAQ.

Have a fantastic, yet thrifty weekend.

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