When you delete an Application, all of the ancillary files may not be removed. These files do no harm, but they take up space on your hard drive.

AppCleaner is easy to use and performs a complete uninstall of Apps, Widgets and Plugins. It can be downloaded for free from here.

After you install AppCleaner:

  • Double click AppCleaner to open it.
  • Go to AppCleaner in the menu bar and choose Preferences.
  • Choose the SmartDelete tab and turn Smartdelete on.

AooCleaner Smart Delete

SmartDelete detects when you drag an App to the trash, immediately collects any App files you missed and asks if you’d like to delete those too.

To use AppCleaner:

  • Double click AppCleaner to open it.
  • Click on the Applications tab. Give the App a moment to gather information on your system.
  • Find the Application and click the check box next to it.  In the example, I’ve chosen to delete Google Earth.

AooCleaner For The Mac - Screenshot 2

  • Click Search. AppCleaner will find all related files and provide a list. You can uncheck any you don’t wish to delete.

AooCleaner For The Mac - Screenshot 3

  • Click Delete.

You’re done. You can go-ahead and close AppCleaner.

AppCleaner is good for your Mac, so try to get in the habit of using it. Thanks to freemacsoft for creating the software.

If you have questions or need Mac, iPhone or iPad help call No Problem Mac at 310-621-5679.


John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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