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When you double-click a file it opens inside a prescribed Application e.g.; double-click a Word file and it opens inside Microsoft Word.

This is not a random choice made by your Mac. It’s a rule that’s established when software is installed.

So… how do you change the default App that opens a file?

Mac Screenshot - PDF in Finder

Let’s say you’ve installed Adobe Acrobat Pro on our Mac and now all PDF files open inside Adobe Acrobat, but you want them to open inside Preview.

  • Go to the Finder. Locate a PDF file. Click once on the file to select it.
  • If you look at the PDF file details (see above), you’ll notice it lists Kind as “Adobe PDF Document”
  • With the file selected, click Command I. The information box opens.
  • In the Information box there is a section labelled Open With. You can see the drop-down currently lists Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Mac Screenshot - PDF Information Box

  • Click on the drop-down list and choose Preview.
  • If you close the Information box using the red cherry button you will change the default App for this file only.
  • If you want to change the default App for all files of this kind, click the Change All button.

Mac Screenshot - PDF Information Box Change All

  •  You will get a warning notification. Click continue.

Mac Screenshot - Information Box Change AllWarning

You’re done.

Software manufacturers want you to use their software. During the installation process they always ask if you’d like their App to be the default App. It’s very easy to click “Yes” accidentally.

Now you know how to fix this problem.

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