Somebody asked how to email a clickable link the other day. As I explained, I realized the answer wasn’t all that obvious. So… here’s an explanation 🙂

In order to try these techniques, you need to be using Apple Mail – Apple Mail – Why Would I Use It

If your Mac is running OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, you can take full advantage of the new share feature in Safari 6 to send web content in a variety of formats:

  • In Safari go to the web page you want to email.
  • Click the share button in the toolbar. A drop-down menu appears. Choose Email this page.
Apple Safari Share Button
  • A new email opens with the page embedded.
Emailing webpage from Safari
  • On the email toolbar, there is a drop-down menu titled – Save Web Content As (see below.)
    You can choose from 4 options:
      • Reader – Strips page to include only basic content.
      • Web Page
      • PDF – The web page saved in PDF (Portable Document Format)
      • Link Only
Apple Mail OSX 10.8 Email Options
  • Once you’ve made your choice, you can send your email.

If you’re running an older version of OSX or Safari, use the instructions below:

  1. In Safari copy the url from the web address window. Keystroke shortcut to copy is Command C.
  2. Open Mail. Generate a new email.
  3. When you wish to insert the link, press Command K. A box opens with the instruction – Enter the internet address (url) for this link.
Apple Mail URL Address Window
  1. Press Command V to paste the page url into the box. Click OK.
  2. The url will now show in the email as a clickable link.
Apple Mail Raw Link

If you ‘d like to make a piece of text into a link, simply highlight the text before you start step 3.

Apple Mail - Text Link

That’s it. Have a good weekend.

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John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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