Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 has hundreds of command options. In the Menu Bar, you’ll find most commands have a keystroke shortcut shown in symbols.

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Menu Bar Keystroke Short Symbols

Most, but not all.

If you use a command regularly and it has no keystroke shortcut… you can make your own.

Creating A Command Keystroke Shortcut

In this example, I’m going to make a shortcut for the command Paste Special… Values.

When you copy a cell in Excel, you can paste it in a number of different ways; you can paste the formula, the value, the formatting, the comments, etc,.,

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Use Menu Bar To Paste Special... Values

To use the Menu Bar to access this command you need to copy a cell, then:

  • Click the Edit Menu
  • Select Paste Special…
  • Choose Values from the dialog box and click OK.

Three steps too many if you use this command every day. To create the shortcut:

  • Go to the Tools Menu.
  • Select Customize Keyboard…

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Tools Menu Bar - Customize Toolboard...

  • A dialog box opens showing Menu Bar Categories, Commands in each Category, and the Current Keys or Current Keystroke Shortcut.
  • Locate the Command you want to customize using the Categories and Command lists.
  • The Current Key box may show that a shortcut already exists. If it does, memorize it, and celebrate.
  • I locate Paste Special… Values, by selecting Edit from the Categories list and Paste Special from the Commands list.

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Customize Keyboard Dialog Box

  • After selecting the command, move the cursor to the box labelled Press New Shortcut Key.
  • Now, press the keys that you want to use as a shortcut for this command.

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Currently Assigned Key

  • If you choose a keystroke shortcut that is already in use, a message will appear below the input box – Currently assigned to: ABC
  • If you choose to ignore that message click Add. A warning box will appear. If you want to continue click OK.

Microsoft Excel For Mac - - Currently Assigned Key - Warning

  • It’s best if you create a keystroke shortcut, and the message says – Currently assigned to: Unassigned.

Microsoft Excel For Mac - Currently Key Unassigned

  • Click Add. Your new shortcut will appear in the Current Keys box.
  • Click OK

Congratulations, you now know how to create keystroke shortcuts in Excel.

Have a good week… This tip should shave hours off your day 🙂

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