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Last week, I sold my 24″ iMac. It was 5 years old. A good machine, but starting to suffer from the silicon equivalent of dementia.

A nice man came to my house and handed me $530.00 for it.

He was going to ship it to a country where whole families lived in a space no larger than 24″2.
He said it would be a big hit.

Macs retain value better than any other brand on the market. Before you toss one out, you should get an estimate.

Mac2Sell is a good starting point. They provide a step by step analysis and I’ve found their quotes are pretty accurate.

Another great place to look is Ebay:

  • On Ebay, do a search for your Mac.
  • Click on the More refinements… option in the sidebar.
  • In the open box choose Show Only, and check the Completed button.

This shows only those listings that closed or were sold. It’ll give you a good idea of the demand and prices being paid for your Mac.

Craig’s List is another good source, though you’ll find most people don’t know the value of what they’re selling.

Lastly, there are several companies on the internet that will be happy to take an olds Mac off you’re hands and give you next to nothing for it.

Before selling or giving away any Apple product, you should wipe all your data from the hard drive. I’ll cover this in a future post.

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