iPhoto is a great tool for organizing and editing your photos, but there may be times when you need to work directly with an image. So… how do you get a photo out of iPhoto.

  • Open iPhoto.
  • Select an image or a group of images.
  • Go to the File menu and select Export…

iPhoto Export menu

  • The Export dialog box opens.
  • Make sure the File Export tab is selected.

iPhoto File Export Menu

  • There are 7 options that determine how your photo file(s) are exported:
    • Kind – Images can be exported in 5 different formats:
      • Original – Exports the image as it was originally imported, before any iPhoto edits.
      • Current – Exports the image in it’s current format. If it has been edited it will be exported as a JPEG file.
      • JPEG – The most common image format used today. You get to choose JPEG quality in the next section.
      • TIFF – Lossless file format popular with graphic artists and professional photographers.
      • PNG – Lossless file format popular for high quality web images.
    • JPEG Quality – Only available if you choose the JPEG format. This changes the file size using compression. Select Low, Medium, High or Maximum. As the file gets smaller you begin to lose image detail. Low quality files are perfect for emailing, but you’ll want to select maximum quality when printing.
    • Include: Title and Keywords / Location information – If you’ve exported in the JPEG or TIFF format, checking these boxes will embed these information tags in each image.
    • Size – This sets the image dimensions (resolution in pixels).  Select Small, Medium, Large, Full Size or Custom. Bigger images = Larger files.
    • File Name – Choose from 4 options:
      • Use title – Labels the file with the image title.
      • Use filename – Labels the file with the images file name.
      • Sequential – Numbers images sequentially. You can add a prefix in the next section.
      • Album name with number – Labels files with the album name and numbers them sequentially.
    • Prefix For Sequential – Only available if you choose Sequential file name. Lets you add a prefix to the file name.
    • Subfolder Name – This option only appears when you select multiple photos. Choose either None of Event Name to parse images into folders.
  • Once you’ve made your selections click Export. A dialog box opens. Choose the location where you would like the file(s) saved.

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