Microsoft recently released Office 365 for the Mac in two editions; Personal (License for 1 Mac and 1 iPad) at $69.99 or Home (License for 5 Macs and 5 iPads) at $99.99. The license lasts for 1 year.

Office For Mac 365

You get the Office software, access to updates, 20GB per person of Skydive space, and 60 minutes of Skype time.

Forgive me for not jumping up and down with excitement, but this release falls largely into the “old crap – new package” category.

I’ll keep my Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and pay no-one a license fee next year.

If you don’t have a copy of Office for Mac 2011, I’d grab one while you can. I expect Microsoft will yank it off the shelves within the next few months.

Enough Of That… Why We’re Here 

Love it or hate it, Microsoft Word is a global word processing standard.

If you use Pages, it’s handy to know how to make your documents Word compatible.

Pages ’09 – Version 4.3

If you have Pages ’09 it’s worth hanging onto because it has several features that Apple have not yet managed to integrate into the new version of Pages 5.0.

To save documents in Word format:

  • Choose Save As… as you normally would. The save dialog box opens.
  • At the bottom of the dialog box is an option you can check to Save As Word Document.
  • Click Save and your document will be saved as a Microsoft Word 97 – 2004 Document.

Pages '09 - Saving As A Word Document

Your document is saved with the extension .doc and is fully editable in Word on a PC.

Pages 5.0 For OSX

The latest version of Pages isn’t an advance on Pages ’09, it’s a completely new application. Saving a document in Word format is also a new process:

  • Click on the File menu in the Menu Bar.
  • Choose Export To and then Word… from the sub-menu.

New Pages - Exporting As A Word Document

  • The Export Your Document box appears.

New Pages - Word Document Export Options

  • The Word tab should be pre-selected and you have 2 options:
    • Require Password To Open – Check this box if you want to password protect your Word document.
    • Advanced – Click the disclosure triangle to reveal Format options. You can save the document in .doc or .docx format. Of the two formats, .doc is more widely compatible.
  • Click Next…

New Pages - Word Document Export - Final Step

  • Name your document and click Export to save it.

It’s that easy 🙂

Enjoy your weekend.

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