There’s never been an easy way to schedule emails on a Mac.

Those days are finally over.

SendLater, an Apple mail plug-in, is simple to use, has great features, and works flawlessly.

Send Later - Schedule Future Emails on The Mac

Why Schedule An Email?

  • You need emails to reach people in the morning, but the recipients live in different time zones… and you don’t enjoy getting up at 4:00am
  • You want to send an email blast at at a time when you won’t be there to press send.
  • You forget birthdays and anniversaries? With a pre-timed email you appear considerate 🙂
  • Would you like to leave work early? Schedule an email to send at the end of the day and it looks like your still hammering away.

If you think hard enough, you’ll find a reason.

How Do I Get Send Later

Sendlater is made by Chungwasoft and and can be downloaded for free here –

The free plug-in not crippled in any way. It simply makes you view a request to purchase as you schedule an email.

This lets you accurately test the software to make sure it meets your needs.

Can Anyone Install SendLater?

SendLater works on Macs that are using OS X 10.7 or later.

You can check your version of OS X, by clicking on the black Apple in the top-left hand corner and choosing About this Mac.

About this Mac - Yosemite


How Do I Install SendLater?

  • Quit Apple Mail. Either go to Mail in the Menu Bar and choose Quit Mail, or use the keystroke shortcut Command Q.
  • Download the free version of SendLater here –
  • Go to the Finder and locate your Downloads folder.
  • Inside, you’ll find the SendLater Installer.

Send Later - Installation Package on The Mac

  • Double click the Installer package.
  • Follow the installation instructions.

Send Later - Installation on The Mac

  • After installing you can re-open Apple Mail.

How Do I Use Send Later?

Create a new blank email.

You’ll notice a new button in the top left-hand corner of the email toolbar to the right of the Send button. It looks like the Send button, but there is a clock attached to the paper airplane icon.

Send Later - Icon On Menu Bar

Compose your email. You can send it to single or multiple recipients.

Send Later - Email on The MacClick the SendLater button. A menu box offers 3 options:

  • Special Date – Select from a drop-down menu: Today, Tomorrow or Next Working Day. Set the send time using the clock. Clicking the small calendar icon reveals a clock. Move the hour or minute hands to set the send time.

Send Later - Special Date

Send Later - Special Date With Clock

  • Time Distance – Set the Number and choose from a drop-down menu: Minutes From Now, Hours From Now, or Days From Now.

Send Later - Time Distance

  • Time And Date – Set the time and date you wish to send the email. Clicking the small calendar icon reveals a calendar and a clock that you can use to set the date and send time.

Send Later - Time And Date

Send Later - Time And Date With Clock

  • When you are ready, click the Send Later button.
  • The email goes into your Outbox and remains there until the send time is reached.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

In order for SendLater to work:

  • Your Mac must be plugged in. SandLater will work on battery power, but it’s safer if your Mac is plugged in.
  • Your Mac display can go to sleep and the scheduled email will be sent.
  • If your computer goes to sleep, your scheduled email will not be sent. See workaround below.

Workaround For Problem When Mac Goes To Sleep

Applications like SendLater are meant to be able to wake your computer and complete a scheduled task at a set time.

Sadly… it doesn’t work. It’s something Apple needs to fix, but don’t seem bothered by.

The workaround is to stop your Mac from going to sleep.

It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry about wearing out your computer. Just don’t schedule emails to send weeks into the future.

  • Make sure your Mac is plugged in.
  • Go to the Black Apple, and chose System Preferences.
  • Click on the Energy Saver button
  • Select the Power Adapter tab and check the button labelled Wake for network access.

OSX Yosemite - Energy Saver Preference

  • Move the Display Sleep slider to whatever time you wish. This has no effect on SendLater.
  • Move the Computer Sleep slider all the way to the end until it reaches Never.
  • A box will pop up with a warning that your computer will use more energy with the new settings.

OSX Yosemite - Energy Saver Preference Warning

  • Click OK.
  • Close System Preferences.

How Much Does SendLater Cost?

On the Chungwa website the price for SendLater is quoted in Euros.

Click the Pricing and Store button, and you are taken to the Chumgwa Store. Scroll to the bottom and you can buy SendLater at the US price of $9.95.

Send Later - Price

It’s worth every penny.

Have a good week đź™‚

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