Share Your Mac OSX Calendar

If you are on the iCloud and use Calendar, you can create and share a calendar with any other iCloud user.

It’s easy to set up a shared calendar up and you get to assign view and/or write privileges to each user.

Set Up A New Calendar

  • Open Calendar.
  • Click on the Calendars button in the top left-hand corner to reveal the Calendar sidebar.

Mac OSX - Calendar Sidebar

  • In the Menu Bar choose File > New Calendar > iCloud

Mac OSX - Calendar - Create New iCloud Calendar

  • The new calendar will show up in the sidebar as Untitled.
  • Right-click or Option-click on the untitled calendar. A menu appears. Choose Get Info.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Get Info

  • The Untitled calendar information box appears.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Name Calendar

  • Choose a name for the calendar, pick a color and, if you wish, write a description.
  • The default setting is: Ignore alerts (unchecked) and Events affect availability (checked). Only change these if you need to.
  • Click OK

Sharing The Calendar

  • Right-click or Option-click on the calendar. A menu appears. Choose Sharing Settings…

Mac OSX - Calendar - Share Settings

  • A pop-up menu appears with 2 choices: Share the calendar with specific individuals or Create a public calendar.

Share The Calendar With Specific Individuals

    • Enter the email addresses of those you want to share the calendar with.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Share Calendar With Jessica

    • Each email has a downward pointing disclosure triangle. Click the triangle to select whether that user has permission to View & Edit or View only.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Shared User Permissions

    • Click Done. An email is sent to each user asking if they would like to join the shared calendar.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Join Invitation

Create A Public Calendar

    • Click the Public Calendar box. This creates a view only calendar that any iCloud user can subscribe to. 
    • You are shown the share icon.
    • Click the icon and you have options – Share a link to the calendar using email, Message or Facebook.

Mac OSX - Calendar - Share Public Calendar

    • Click Done when you are finished.

If at a later time, you’d like the email address of the public calendar, right-click or option-click on the calender and choose Get Info.

Checking On Calendar Subscribers

If you’d like to see who has subscribed to your calendar:

  • Right-click or Option-click on the calendar. A menu appears. Choose Sharing Settings…
  • A pop-up menu appears.
  • There is a symbol in front of each email:
    • Gray question mark indicates a user has not subscribed yet.
    • Green check mark indicates a subscriber.
    • Read Stop symbol indicates a user has stopped subscribing.

You will not be able to check on who has subscribed to a Public Calendar.

If you have questions, please use the Comments section below.

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