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It’s easy to confuse iPhoto events and albums. After all, they both contain batches of photos.

But that’s where any similarity ends.

  • Events store your original images. If you delete a photo from an event… it’s gone.
  • Albums are created from copies of images pulled from events. Photos can be added or deleted from an album with no impact on the original image.

Events are the primary storage space where iPhoto keeps your images. Every time you bring photos into iPhoto these images are split into events based on the date they were created.

It’s a good idea to keep events as organized as possible. Remember that you can quickly split, merge and rename events.

Make a habit of cleaning up events each time you import new images from your camera or iPhone.

You’ll encounter iPhoto events when you add images to iMovie, iDVD, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and when you sync a device with iTunes. Without some basic organization, it’s very hard to locate the images you want.

Albums are a simply another method of enjoying your images. They work exactly the same way as a playlist.

You create an album, then add and organize the content any way you like.

Nothing that you do with an album has any impact on the original image. It’s safe to move, duplicate and delete images, the same way you might rearrange music in a playlist.

I hope this helps.
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