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Automatic Login lets you bypass the sign-in screen after you boot-up or restart you Mac.

If you’re interested in adding precious seconds to your life, read on…

How To Turn Automatic Login On

  • Click on the black Apple in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Choose System Preferences.
  • Click on the Security & Privacy tab.

Mac OSX - System Preferences - Security & Privacy

  • If the lock symbol in the bottom right-hand corner is locked, click on it.

Mac OSX - System Preferences - Unlock

  • Enter your Mac password. The lock opens.
  • Select the General tab.

Mac OSX - System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General Tab

  • Uncheck the Disable Automatic Login button.

Mac OSX - System Preferences - Disable Automatic login

  • A drop-down box appears. Enter your Mac password and click OK.

Mac OSX - System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Uncheck Automatic Login Disable

  • Click the open lock icon in the bottom right-hand corner. It closes.
  • Click the red cherry button in the top left-hand corner to close System Preferences.

Automatic Login is now on. If you ever want to turn it off, just repeat the process and recheck the Disable Automatic Login button.

Automatic Login is a timesaver, that places convenience ahead of security. This has nothing to do with internet security. We’re talking about direct physical access,i.e., your Mac is stolen. It’s perfect for use on a home iMac, but don’t use this feature on a Mac you travel with, or one that contains confidential data.

If your Mac contains extremely valuable or confidential data, you should know that the Mac password is child’s play to work around.

Most criminals are monumentally dense, but if security is a concern I’d advise contacting a professional.

If you have questions, please use the Comments section below.

John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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