We provide complete removal of viruses and malware, and expert advice on how to spot and avoid browser hijacks, phishing emails, ransom scams, and more.

Software scans often miss sophisticated attacks, but we know what to look for.

Macbook Pro with Malware


Don’t quit. We haven’t even started!

Are there hundreds of files in your Downloads folder? Is your Desktop buried under icons? Do you have thousands of photos you’d like to get organized . . .  someday?

No worries.

We specialize in disasters and total chaos.

Woman giving up over Mac cleanup


There’s an idea floating around that the iCloud backs up your entire computer. Sadly, it’s not true.

We can set up a complete Mac backup in minutes. Once it’s done, you forget about it.

If you’d like the extra security of an offsite backup, we provide that too.

G Drive USB-C for Mac


If there’s a fire, flood, or robbery you’re backup drive may be unrecoverable.

BackBlaze provide offsite backup that’s easy to use, affordable and securely encrypted.

Online backup is  the ultimate safety net.



FileVault on the Mac provides XTS-AES 128 encryption with a 256-bit key.

In simple terms your data is scrambled and is unreadable without your Mac user password.

macOS also offers secure file erasure to ensure deleted files are unrecoverable.



Do you forget passwords over and over again?

We’ll show you how to create secure passwords and store them safely on the Mac.

1Password is commercial software that creates strong passwords and syncs across devices.

Mac with virus


Over the past decade our privacy has been under constant attack. Apple now offer a number of tools on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad to protect you.

We’ll show you how to hide your IP address, secure your email, safely unsubscribe from junk mail, browse in private, and avoid becoming the victim of scams.


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