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New iPhones. What To Do?

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Apple iOS Hardware, Apple News

Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro,  10.2″ iPad  and Watch series 5.

Like the iPhone 10, the Pro and the 11 dip heavily into what’s known as computational photography.

In simple terms, this is where the ‘processor’ in an iPhone takes an image and performs hundreds, or even thousands of calculated adjustments to ‘produce a better picture.’

I’ve had an iPhone 10S Max for a year and the camera system has been a huge disappointment. I often find photos processed to the point where faces look like they’ve been painted in broad colors.

In my humble opinion, the iPhone 7 and 8 were the last iPhones to take clean, sharp pictures.

I regret ever upgrading from my iPhone 7.

So, the lesson here is . . .  if you’re going to buy a new iPhone, test the camera in different light conditions.

Apple’s website provides details on everything you need to know and a streaming version of yesterday’s event.

I’d love to hear your comments. Note that this issue relates to the back facing camera on the 10s Max, not the front facing camera . . . which had it’s own teething problems.

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