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Whether your fill out tax forms on paper or on the internet, you’re going to need to add, subtract, divide and multiply along the way.

Apple Mac OSX Mavericks Calculator

Most of you will use Calculator and it will do what you need, with one major drawback: selecting Calculator makes it the current active application and takes you out of whatever tax document you are working on.

There’s an easier way to do this.

Spotlight is not just an indexing system for your Mac, it’s also a pretty sophisticated calculator.

Spotlights big advantage is that you can use it as a calculator and still remain in your active tax document.

How Do I Use It

Press Command Spacebar and Spotlight appears.

Type in any calculation you want, e.g.; 9,000 – 2,500 X 92.5%

The results are displayed.

Apple Mac OSX Mavericks Spotlight

If you need to clear the results for a new calculation, press the X within a grey circle at the far right of the Spotlight box.

Don’t be afraid. Throw all kinds of complex calculations at it and you’ll get answers.

Hit Command Spacebar again, and Spotlight disappears.

As you use Spotlight you remain in the original active document.

I hope this saves you time and somehow results in a refund 🙂

Have a good week.

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