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Even if you don’t organize your Safari bookmarks, it’s still a good idea to weed out the ones that no longer work.

Safari BookmarkChecker tests all your bookmarks and provides a status report that lets you delete the dead links you no longer need.

It’s free and can be downloaded from here. Please note that this App is no longer supported by its developer. If you download it from this site you do so at your own risk. Take time to click on the correct Download button. If it appears that you are not downloading the Safari Bookmark Checker App, stop the download process and delete any full or partial downloads.

How To Download And Install Safari Bookmarkchecker

  • Open Safari
  • Go to this site – SafariAddOns.com, Click the green Download button.
  • Go to the Finder. In your Downloads folder you will find a file called SafariBookmarkchecker.dmg

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Disk Image

  • Double click the .dmg file. The  file opens to reveals its contents.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Install Package

  • Drag the magnifying glass icon named Safari Bookmarkchecker into the Applications folder.
  • Go back to the Finder. In the sidebar, on the left-hand side, under Devices, you’ll find a Safari Bookmarkchecker drive image.
    Click the eject button to get rid of this.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Eject Disk Image

  • To finish the cleanup, go to your Downloads folder and deleting the SafariBookmarkchecker.dmg file.

This software was created in 2009 and the website states that Safari Bookmarkchecker 1.03 is only compatible with Safari 2 – 3.

I’m running Mavericks 10.9.2 with Safari 7 and I haven’t had any problems. If you run into issues, please leave a comment including the version of OSX and of Safari that you are using.

How To Use Safari Bookmarkchecker

Go to the Finder. open the Applications folder. Double click Safari Bookmarkchecker to open it. As it’s opening, Safari Bookmarkchecker indexes your bookmarks and they appear in the Apps Main Window.

The interface has two components:

The Toolbar at the top shows:

  1. Check Validity Button – Click to check the validity of Safari’s Bookmarks.
  2. Stop Checking Button – Stop the validation process.
  3. Visit Website Button – Visit the website of a bookmark you have selected in the Main Window.
  4. Progress Bar – Shows progress of validation process.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Toolbar

The Main Window shows:

  1. Bookmark Order – The order in which bookmarks appear in Safari’s bookmarks menu.
  2. Title – The default name or name you have given a bookmark.
  3. URL – Uniform Resource Locator. The link or web address of a bookmark.
  4. Status – Initially, this column is empty. After running a validation check the results will appear in this column.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Main WIndow

To run Safari Bookmarkchecker, press the Check button in the toolbar.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Run Validation Process

The App checks each bookmark and this activity is tracked in the Progress Bar. In it’s final stages, you’ll see a message “Waiting for lookups to end.” This may take a minute or two.

Once the App finishes, the column for Status has the information you need.

Bookmarks – What To Keep And What To Throw Away

Click the Status column header to sort the Status into groups.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Sort Bookmark Validation Status

Common messages you’ll see:

  • OK (200) – These links are working. No action needed.
  • Moved Permanently (301) – The bookmark has been permanently re-directed to a new location. Update this bookmark with the new URL.
  • Moved Temporarily (302) –  Your bookmark has been temporaily re-directed to a new location. This is often used incorrectly. Keep the original bookmark and create a new bookmark for the new location.
  • See Other (303) – Another method of re-directing your browser to a new URL. Update the bookmark. Delete the old bookmark
  • Unauthorized (401) – You are not authorized to access the web page. Open the webpage to check that you have the necessary username and password.
  • Not Found (404) – This link is dead. Delete the link.
  • Gateway Timeout (504) – A web server that accesses this page may be down. Do not delete. Check again at a later date.
  • Timeout – The URL did not respond to Safari Bookmarkchecker within a specified time range. Do not delete. You can adjust Safari Bookmarkchecker’s wait time in Preferences (see below)

If you hit an error message you don’t understand, just Google it or look for it on the  Wikipedia List Of HTTP Status Codes.

Bookmarks – Additions, Deletions and Editing

All editing can be done inside Safari Bookmarkchecker:

  • Click on any link and it is highlighted. Click the Visit Website button in the toolbar to go to that website.
  • Double click on any bookmark field in the Main Window and you can copy, paste or edit the contents of that field.
  • Clink any link and hit the delete key to delete the link.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Edit Bookmarks

When you are finished go to Safari Bookmarkchecker in the Menu Bar and select Quit.

Safari Bookmarkchecker Preferences 

Go to Safari Bookmarkchecker in the Menu Bar and select Preferences.

Apple Mac Safari Bookmarkchecker - Preferences

There are 3 variables you can change:

  • Friendliness – This refers to the CPU load on your machine. It goes from Cool to Wicked Fast. Unless you’re in a real hurry, there’s no need to change the default setting.
  • Time to wait for websites to respond – You can change the wait time from 5 seconds to 55 seconds. The default is 15 seconds.
  • Debug – Leave this unchecked, unless you run into problems and have enough experience to provide information to the designers on bugs you’ve found.

That’s it.

Safari Bookmarkchecker is made by Coriolis Technologies. Please read the License conditions included in the install package before installing this software.

You can find similar add-ons available for Firefox and Chrome.

Have a good week.

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