Safari Extensions are small programs from Apple that help you get more from web browsing:

  • Pin It – Places a Pin It button on Safari’s toolbar that lets you Pin web content quickly and easilly.
  • Translate – Adds a handy button that translates the current web page using Microsoft Translator.

Safari Translate Extension

  • My eBay Manager – Track eBay activity and progress while you browse the web.
  • Add To Amazon Wish List – Add items from any site to your Amazon Wish List.
  • New York Times Updates – Get customized news updates as you browse.

Safari New York Times Extension

There are only 2 steps needed to use Extensions:

Turn On Extensions In Safari

  • Open Safari.
  • Go to Safari in the Menu Bar. Choose Preferences.

Safari Preferences

  • Select the Extensions tab.

Safari Extensions - Toggle on or Off

  • Toggle the On/Off switch to On.

Safari Extensions - Toggled On

You can now click the Get Extensions button. You can also get Extensions by following the directions below.

Download And Install Extensions From Apple

  • Open Safari
  • Go to Safari in the Menu Bar. Choose Safari Extensions…

Safari Extensions Menu

  • You are taken to the Safari Extensions Gallery. This is a secure part of Apple’s website. Here you can browse Extensions by categories like Most Popular, Most Recent, etc.

Apple Safari Extensions Webpage

  • When you find an Extension you like just click Install Now.
  • The Extension is automatically downloaded, installed, and turned on.

Some Extensions offer options that can be customized.

Go to Safari in the Menu Bar, choose Preferences, select the Extensions tab, and click on any Extension to see your options.

How Do I Delete Extensions?

  • Open Safari.
  • Go to Safari in the Menu Bar. Choose Preferences.
  • Select the Extensions tab.
  • Find the extension you wish to delete. Click uninstall in the right-hand pane.

Safari Extensions - Uninstall

What If I Use A Different Browser?

Chrome users go to Chrome in the Menu Bar, choose Preferences and select Extensions.

Firefox users go to Tools in the Menu Bar, select Add-ons, then choose Add-ons or Extensions.

My Personal Favorites

Harakirimail – Creates a free email account that lasts for only 24 hours. Perfect for signups where you want to avoid spam.

Scroll To Top – Adds arrows at bottom-right corner of all web pages to give you one click scrolling in either direction.

Safari - Scroll-Up Extension

Lazarus: Form Recovery – Ever had a form error that deletes all the information you’ve typed in. Lazarus resurrects that information.

Auto Refresh – Lets you automatically refresh a web page within a specified number of seconds. Perfect for online auctions.

Rotten Tomatoes – Installs a toolbar with a search field and the latest Rotten Tomato movie scores. Can be toggled On or Off.

Safari Rotten Tomatoes Extension

Have Some Fun

Extensions are so easy to install and uninstall that you should try out any that you find even remotely interesting.

This is the best way to discover the ones you’ll love.

Fortunes favors the bold… and all that 🙂

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