Scroll To Top is a free Safari Extension that adds a small interactive arrow to web pages and gives users full scroll control at the tap of a finger.

Scroll To Top - Icon

What’s A Safari Extension?

Safari Extensions are small plug-ins that add functionality to the Safari web browser.

If you’d like to learn how download, install and use extensions you can read – Safari Extensions – Add Something Cool To Your Browser

How Do I Get Scroll To Top?

  • Open Safari.
  • Click Safari in the Menu Bar and select Preferences.

Safari Preferences

  • Click the Extensions tab. Make sure it’s set to ON.

Safari - Extensions

  • Now click Safari in the Menu Bar and choose Safari Extensions.

Safari Extensions Menu

  • This takes you to the Extensions page on Apple’s web site.
  • Type “Scroll” into the search bar and hit Return.
  • You’ll get a number of search results. You want Scroll To Top by Productivity.

Safari Extensions - Scroll To Top

  • Click the Install Now button.
  • As the install finishes you’ll be taken to a web page detailing the latest changes to the program. Click the Got It button.

Safari Extensions - Got It

  • You are now looking at the Scroll To Top Settings page. We’ll take a look at this in a moment.

A Quick Look At Scroll To Top

After the install has finished, open a new tab and pull up any website.

Look at the bottom right-hand corner and you’ll see a transparent blue arrow pointing down.

Click the arrow and it immediately takes you to the bottom of the page. The arrow reverses, so it’s now pointing up.

Click it again and it takes you back to the top of the page.

Now hover your cursor over that same arrow and you’ll notice four other buttons appear.

Scroll To Top - Icon

A white double arrow up and double arrow down. Tap these and they move you up or down the page in stages.

An X removes the Scroll To Top arrow from the current web page.

The orange cog takes you to the Scroll To Top Settings.

Scroll To Top Settings

This area lets you customize Scroll To Top:

Scroll To Top - Settings

  • Vertical Location – Vertical position on page; Top, Middle or Bottom.
  • Horizontal Location – Horizontal position on page; Left, Middle or Right.
  • Scrolling Speed – As it says.
  • Visibility Behavior – Hide at top, Always visible, or Auto Hide after 5 seconds.
  • Choose Arrow Type – Single or dual arrow.
  • Smart Direction Mode – Rotates the icon based on your scrolling direction.
  • Icon Size – Small or large.
  • Show More Settings – Options to use black and white icons, auto hide controls, set exact page position, change the icon and more.
  • Restore Defaults – As it says.
  • Export/Import – Ignore.
  • Support Me – Donate to the creator of Scroll To Top.

If you have time, browse the other Safari Extensions. You might find something you like.

Have a great week.

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