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Sound Mac Support

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Apple macOS, Killer Secrets

Los Angeles is a noisy city.

When I get home, I want silence.

What I get is a muffled stream of voices from the TV upstairs,  the unending bark of a poor deranged dog that lives across the hall and . . . I kid you not . . .  the same notes over and over on bass guitar from the guy next door.

All this should blend into a harmless background hum. Unfortunately, my ears track sounds with the precision of a bat.

I need another solution . . . and apparently there’s an App for that.

The Answer Is More Noise.

It’s called White Noise Lite and it’s free from the App store. You can upgrade to the HD version for a mere $4.99.

I don’t find white noise soothing. It sounds like a TV left on at 3.00 am that you can never find and turn off.

I was surprised to discover there is brown, pink, violet and grey noise.

Testing determined that pink noise at a low volume masks all unwelcome sounds and calms me down.

It’s the sonic equivalent of sticking a lollypop into the mouth of a screaming child.

White Noise App

There’s More.

If colored noise is not your thing there is a wide variety of other sounds to choose from:

  • Amazon Jungle
  • Ocean Waves Crashing
  • Rainstorm
  • Rain on Car Roof
  • Rain on Tent
  • Gentle Waterfall
  • Cat Purring
  • Air Conditioner
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl

. . .  the list goes on.

The recording quality is excellent.

I also discovered I can ask Alexa to play ‘pink noise’ and she/it does.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sound mac support. Have a great weekend.

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