Ninja Safari

Safari offers a private browsing mode that lets you surf the web without leaving any traces behind.

To activate private browsing:

  • Click on the Safari menu in the top left-hand corner.
  • Choose Private Browsing…
Mac OSX Safari Private Browsing
  • A warning message will appear. Click OK

In private browsing mode, the browser retains no cache memory, no history and no personal information you enter into websites.

It’s useful if you want to:

  • Use a computer other than your own to check private information.
  • Buy Birthday or Christmas presents online
  • Search for medical information you wish to keep private.

You can also use private browsing while on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Scroll down and Tap Safari
  • Slide the Private Browsing toggle switch to On
iOS6 Safari Private Browsing
  • You may be asked if you’s like to Keep or Close existing pages before entering Private Browsing mode. That decision is up to you.

Enjoy yourself.

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