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Empire magazine on the iPad is a completely innovative and immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever picked up at a newsstand. Empire Movie Magazine App for the iPadIt’s a movie lover’s dream packed with in-depth news, interactive slideshows, animated graphics, full-screen trailers and offbeat features written by directors and stars. Fear not… if you don’t have an iPad you can order the print version direct from Empire, though each issue destroys an acre of virgin rainforest, displaces 2 to 3 indigenous tribes and takes a month to arrive via snail mail. Every issue is roughly 70 iPad pages long, including adverts which are so few as to be non-existent. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Rogue One What’s In The Magazine:
  • Movie Reviews.
  • TV Episode and Streaming Reviews.
  • Movie Previews.
  • Things You Need to Know About Upcoming Movies.
  • Interviews with Directors, Producers, Actors and Other Assorted Riff Raff.
Empire Game Of Thrones
  • Current Cultural and Political Events Affecting Movies.
  • Special Assigments – Often given to directors and stars to follow a story that interests them.
  • Guesstimates About the Future Direction Of Movie Franchises and TV Shows
  • How Much Is A Pint Of Milk? – Actors asked questions that everyday folk can answer.
Empire Gene Wilder
  • Oddities – Stars giving love advice, a look at truly crap movies
  • Video Dungeon – What’s arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray
  • What’s Playing – With Embedded trailers.
Empire - Westworld
  • A look back at directors, stars and movies from the past.
  • Movie Advertisements – Often with embedded trailers.
Special iPad Features The iPad will never reproduce the feel of paper or capture the musty smell found in old bookstores. I doubt Apple is working on these features. Within a few decades, the number of us who have held a book will steeply plummet as climate change puts people and books under several meters of seawater. Still… the iPad provides animated and interactive content that provides its own sense of joy. So, what does Empire on the iPad offer: Quality – The entire magazine and all elements are designed to be viewed on a retina display. Easy To Follow Instructions – Simple and fast. Empire Movie Magazine iPad How To Use Multiple Covers – Empire often publishes with more than one cover. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Multiple Covers Slider – Lets you move quickly back and forth through the magazine. Overview – This mode gives you a birds eye view of the magazine. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Layout Overview Immediate Access – A sidebar menu will take you immediately to any area or article. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Immediate Access Library – You are always a tap away from your Empire library. Full Screen Animation – All covers and many articles include eye-catching animation. Embedded Movie Trailers – All can be watched fullscreen. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Embedded Movie Trailer Slideshows – A single image can be swiped left to move though an array of pictures. Empire Magazine iPad Movie Photo Slideshow Surprise Sidebars and Full Images – Tap sidebars to reveal content and double tap images to fill the display. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Surprise Sidebars Fluid Content – Move through the magazine from left to right or in some cases up or down. Empire Online – More content available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and You Tube. Empire Podcast – Available on Soundcloud. Includes opinions, reviews and interviews with filmmakers. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Podcast What Does It Cost? You can buy a single edition for $5.99. A yearly subscription of 12 issues is just $19.99. As math is stressful… I’ll tell you up front that’s a saving of $51.89. The yearly subscription is a ’30 day free trial’. Don’t forget… cancellation is your responsibility. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Single Issue Rogue One Although $5.99 isn’t cheap ($4.99 prior to March 2016) it’s nice to be able to go back and grab a copy from 2012 if it has an article that interests you. Empire Movie Magazine iPad Old Issues How Do I Aquire An Empire? Go to the App Store on your iPad:
  • Download the Empire App.
  • Tap to open the App.
  • Click on the Subscribe button next to the latest edition.
Empire Movie Magazine iPad Subscribe
  • Follow the prompts to buy a yearly subscription of 12 issues for $19.99.
Empire Movie Magazine iPad Cost
  • The latest edition automatically downloads to your iPad.
Empire Movie Magazine iPad Latest Issue I wish Empire was available on the Mac. The 5K iMac is a great way to read magazines and big ass coffee table books –  iBooks On The Mac. Perfect, But It Won’t Fit In Your Back Pocket. Still… you get a lot for $1.67 an issue 🙂 That’s it. Have a terrific weekend 🙂 If you live in Los Angeles and need help with your Mac, iPad or iPhone… or a printer, wireless network, backup problem, malware nightmare, etc,. give us a call at 310-621 5679 No Problem Mac Mac iPad & iPhone Training We also provide in home training on both Apple hardware and software. Give us a call at 310-621-5679 for more information on what you can expect from a session. I come direct to you. That’s as stress-free as it gets.

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