Empire magazine on the iPad is a completely innovative and immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever picked up at a newsstand.

It’s a movie lover’s dream packed with in-depth news, interactive slideshows, animated graphics, full-screen trailers and offbeat features written by directors and stars.

Fear not… if you don’t have an iPad you can order the print version direct from Empire, though each issue destroys an acre of virgin rainforest, displaces 2 to 3 indigenous tribes and takes a month to arrive via snail mail.

Click here to get a Digital U.S. Subscription.

Every issue is roughly 70 iPad pages long, including adverts which are so few as to be non-existent.

Empire Magazine Rogue One

What’s So Special About Empire Magazine’s Digital Edition?

The iPad will never reproduce the feel of paper or capture the musty smell found in old bookstores, but it does offer:

Quality – The entire magazine and all elements are designed to be viewed on a retina display.

Easy To Follow Instructions – Simple and fast.

iPad Magazine Instructions

Multiple Covers – Empire often publishes an issue with more than one cover. With the digital edition you get them all.

Empire Magazine Digital Multiple-Covers

Full Screen Animation – All covers and many articles include eye-catching animation.

Slider – Lets you move quickly back and forth through the magazine.

Overview – This mode gives you a birds eye view of the magazine.

Immediate Access – A sidebar menu will take you immediately to any area or article.

Empire Digital Immediate Access

Library – You are always a tap away from your Empire library.

Embedded Movie Trailers – All can be watched fullscreen.

Slideshows – A single image can be swiped left to move though an array of pictures.

Empire Rogue One Slideshow

Fluid Content – Move through the magazine from left to right or in some cases up or down.

Empire Online – More content available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and You Tube.

Empire Podcast – Available on Soundcloud. Includes opinions, reviews and interviews with filmmakers.

Empire Podcast

How Much Does Empire Digital Cost?

You can buy a single edition, a yearly subscription or a recurring yearly subscription.

The price varies based on the bargain and the time you click this link.

Roughly, it costs about $2.50 an issue.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes… On occasion Anna Kendrick shows up in the magazine. If you were wavering over a subscription, I hope this helps you commit.

Anna Kendrick Empire

I wish Empire was available on the Mac. The 5K iMac is a great way to read magazines and big ass coffee table books.

That’s it.

Have a terrific weekend 🙂

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