Keystroke shortcuts are the fastest way to interact with your Mac.

I’ve covered this in 2 other posts, and included PDFs of shortcuts that you can print out:

Mac Keystroke Shortcuts… With Free Downloadable Cheat Sheet

More Mac Keystroke Shortcuts… With Free Printable Cheat Sheet

This time, I’m going to look at shortcuts for an app most of us use a daily basis, Microsoft Word.

These shortcuts are for Microsoft Word for Mac 2011, but may work in other versions.

How Do I Use Keystroke Shortcuts?

Keystroke Shortcuts use modifier keys. You already use modifier keys every day. Here’s how…

Tap the “h” key and you get a lower case “h”

Hold the Shift key and tap the “h” key and you get an upper case “H”

The Shift key is a Modifier Key.

All Modifier Keys work this way. That’s it.


Modifier keys on the Mac include: Shift, Control, OptionCommand and Function.

These keys are located at the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard and can be seen in the photo above.

Keystroke Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Command + B – Bold highlighted text.

Command + U – Underline highlighted text.

Command + I – Italicize highlighted text.

Command + R – Right Justify highlighted text.

Command + L – Left Justify highlighted text.

Command + E – Center Justify highlighted text.

Control + Shift + M – Indent highlighted text to the left.

Command + Shift + M – De-indent highlighted text from the left.

Command + 1 or Command + 2 or Command + 5 – Single, Double or 1.5 line spacing of highlighted text.

Shift + Return – Insert a line break. Also known as a Soft Return.

Command + D – Opens the text formatting menu.

Command + P – Print

These are 11 pretty basic commands. In a future post, we’ll cover some more advanced shortcuts.

Right or Control Click on the image below to download a sheet with these shortcuts that you can print out:


A Shortcut To A Shortcut

Look at the Menu Bar in any Application. Opposite each command you’ll find symbols showing it’s keyboard shortcut.

This Is Too Complicated. I Don’t Want To Change!

You made it this far… but do what makes you feel comfortable.

My advice… Learn one shortcut a week. If you see any benefit, try another.

Hasta La Vista

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