A PC mouse allows users to “right-click” on words and icons. This produces a drop-down menu next to the pointer with useful options. It’s a terrific feature.

Apple’s mouse appears to be one big button… but looks can be deceiving. You can right-click with an Apple mouse. All you need to do is turn this feature on.

I’m Happy With One Button. Why Would I Need Two?

Adding a right-click option lets the mouse display a contextual menu next to the item you right-click on, I.e; a menu useful in the context of what you are working on.

In the first illustration below, a right click on a folder in the Finder, presents options such as “Move To Trash,” “Get Info” or “Duplicate.”

Mac - Right Click Example B

In the second illustration, a right-click on a word in a document, presents options to “Copy,” “Look Up That Word,” or “Search With Google.”

Mac - Right Click Example A

Turning On Right Click On Your Mac

Depending on the Mac, the operating system and the mouse or trackpad you use, this process may vary slightly. If you find it in any way confusing, give me a call.

All of the screenshots below were taken from OSX Lion 10.7.3 using either a Mighty Mouse, Trackpad or Multi-Touch Trackpad.

Open System Preferences

Choose either Mouse or Trackpad and depending on your input device follow the illustrations below:


Click on the drop-down menu for the right button and choose “Secondary Button.”

Close System Preferences. You are done.

Apple Mac Mouse Preferences


Check the box under One Finger “Tap To Click.”

Also make sure to check the box “Secondary Tap.”

Close System Preferences. You are done.

Apple Mac Trackpad Preferences

Multi-Touch Trackpad

Go to the Point & Click Tab.

Check the button for “Secondary click.”

Leave the default drop-down setting at “Click or tap with two fingers.”

Close System Preferences. You are done.

Apple Mac Multi-Touch Trackpad Preferences

For those of you using any form of trackpad you can now initiate a right-click by simply tapping with two fingers on the trackpad. How easy is that?

Try this out, it’ll make life a lot easier.

John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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