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Top 15 Reasons To Love Apple Silicon

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Apple macOS, Apple macOS Hardware

Apple just announced the Mac will stop using Intel processors and move to Apple Silicon, the same chips currently used in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.




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What Does this Mean?

The processor is the ‘brain’ of the system. Changing this part of a Mac impacts everything from hardware capabilities to software compatibility.

Apple have been here before. In 2006 they moved moved from the PowerPC to the Intel processor.  Based on the presentation at the WWDC, Apple are very well prepared and this should be a pretty painless process.

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When Is This Happening?

On the hardware side, it will take 2 years before all Macs run on Apple Silicon processors.

With software, Apple Apps that are built for Apple Silicon are already built into macOS 11 Big Sur 

Third part companies like Microsoft and Abobe are taking major steps to adapt their software to run on the new Apple chips.

Apple will support other software companies during the transition. In some cases the move will be invisible to consumers, a few companies will charge a premium for the new build and unfortunately, smaller software providers may not have the resources to adapt and their software will eventually become unusable.

How Does This Effect Me Now?

Over the next 2-3 years, most Apps for the Mac will include a version for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

When you can eventually buy a Mac with an Apple Silicon processor, your old Apps will still run. As Apps are re-installed, Rosetta 2 will recompile them so they work flawlessly in the new Apple Silicon environment.

So . . . for now there is nothing to worry about.

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Top 15 Reasons To Love Apple Silicon

1. WIth hardware and software built by Apple you get more efficient integration.

2. Chips run much faster and cooler than their Intel counterparts.

3. Higher performance GPUs — Better graphics for pro Apps and high-end games

4. Access to the Neural Engine makes the Mac capable of machine learning.

5. No compatibility issues as Apps are provided in Intel and Apple Silicon versions.

6. Under Big Sur, all Apple Apps have been re-built for Apple Silicon.

7. Easier to create and adapt Apps that work on all devices.

8. Intel based Mac software uses Rosetta 2 to run smoothly on Apple Silicon Macs.

9. On new Macs using Apple Silicon, iPad and iPhone Apps work immediately.

10. On Intel Macs, Rosetta 2 will run iPad and iPhone Apps.

11. Signifigantly extended battery life.

12. Microsoft already have Office ready for Apple Silicon.

13. Adobe working on Apple Silicon versions of  Adobe Cloud.

14. Final Cut Pro is almost ready for Apple Silicon.

15. Virtualization now allows other operating systems to run on the Mac.

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Are There Drawbacks?

  • If you generally keep your Macs for 5+ years and you have been planning on buying a new Mac, you may want to wait until the Apple Silicon Macs arrive.
  • As with any new technology you may want to wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation to make a purchase.
  • As the environment changes, older Macs will become obsolete at a more rapid rate.
  • Some software you love may not make the transition and you will either have to leave it behind, run it on a virtual machine or keep it on an old Mac.

Want to watch the preview on your Mac, device or Apple TV, click here – Apple Silicon

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