This is our 400th post.

Hard to believe, but this little blog started on June 11th, 2011. That makes us almost 5 years old to the day.

So raise a glass to celebrate… especially if you’re at work, driving a school bus or operating any kind of massive construction crane. Mazel tov.

Now… lets talk about the Moment.

What Is The Moment?

Sadly, iPhone cameras suffer from a few major drawbacks:

  • With a single lens, you’re stuck with a fixed focal length.
  • Access to the shutter, aperture and focus are hampered by badly designed controls.
  • Hard controls on the body of the iPhone are not intuitive. You are as likely to turn off your phone as you are to take a photograph.

If you want to broaden your horizons, you’ll find a myriad of companies that offer lens kits for the iPhone.

Moment Lens Horizons

Moment are consistently rated as the best in tests, because their lens are built with high quality materials, provide beautiful artifact free results and are designed by specialists in camera optics, not computer engineers.

Moment have now created a case for the iPhone that adds the feel and control of a real DSLR camera without sacrificing style or protection.

Moment camera in hand

The Moment Case

Although it slips on an iPhone with the ease of a traditional snap case, its made of aerospace grade aluminum and machined to perfectly fit both the Moment lens and the Moment strap.

Flat on front, the case has a slightly curved textured grip on the back side that makes it easy to shoot one or two-handed.

Moment Lens Side View

And to take a shot… you just reach for the shutter button that’s built in to the actual case.

That’s where this stops being a case… and starts to become more like a DSLR.

The Moment Case… and the Moment App

The Moment case connects to your iPhone using bluetooth and runs on a single watch battery so it pulls no power from your phone.

Lens attach to the case using a traditional bayonet mount.

When you first place your iPhone in the case, you are prompted to download the free Moment App from the App store.

It’s the App that unlocks the power of the case with the following features:

  • Light pressure on the shutter button will auto-focus the lens.
  • Simple gestures let you manually adjust focus and light (exposure and temperature) while shooting.
  • A thumb reachable toolbar lets you quickly switch between photo/video mode and turn shooting features on/off.
  • In video mode, frame rate and resolution controls are just a click away.
  • Double tap a target to separately pinpoint lighting and focus on specific parts of an image.
  • Slide your finger right or left to adjust the entire scene.
  • Slide up or down to pick a new control.
  • Capture TIFF sized images. These are 10x bigger in size with even sharper image clarity than the native camera app.
  • RAD Library – Browse shots using multiple views (single, double, or triple column) and manage your photos one at a time or as a single batch.

The Moment case comes in three finishes – Black $49.99, Walnut $69.99 and White $49.99

Available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus.

Moment Lens

Moment currently offer three lens at a price of $99.99 each.

The price may seem steep, but your paying for high grade metal and glass ground to provide precision optics.

Moment Lens Catalog

Wide Lens – Expands the horizontal width of the frame X2 while minimizing image bending and edge distortion. Gives your photos a cinematic feel.

Moment Wide Lens

Tele Lens – Lets you get 2X closer. With a digital zoom you get obvious noise distortion. With this optical zoom you get no image degradation or distortion. Get closer to people or get closer to objects. Great for video cutaways.

iPhone with American Flag

Macro Lens –  This is for ultra-close photography and it provides 10X magnification. If you like shooting insect eyes, this is a must have.

Macro iPhone Shot of Eye

Moment sell lens cases separately for $4.99 each. At $99.00 for a lens… I think the cases should be included.

With the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus, Moment lens will mount on the Moment case.

With the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and SE, Moment lens mount using a stainless steel plate that is attached directly to your iPhone. This plate can easily be removed later with causing any damage to the phone. The plate costs $9.99.

Moment Straps and Accessories

Moment Carrying Strap

Moment sells straps that attach to the Moment case:

  • Leather Neck Strap – $59.99
  • Nylon Strap – $29.99
  • Leather Wrist Strap – $29.99
  • Nylon Wrist Strap – $19.99
Moment Straps

Other items include:

  • Lens caps are $4.99
  • Lens Pen for cleaning is $9.99
  • Lens Holster for $29.99. Suede lined leather lens carrying case with a belt clip.
  • Mopho Roll for $24.99. This carries 2 or 3 lenses with holsters, lens pen, phone charging cables and a mini tripod.

There it is.

This equipment is more expensive than the competition, but you’re paying for quality and the kind of complete solution that no other company provides.

I’ve already given them to 2 people as birthday gifts and they were a success.

I’ll see you on post 401…

Have a great weekend.

This review was written independently with no influence or payment of any kind from Moment, Inc.
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