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At the end of the day, your Downloads folder should be empty.

Imagine the Downloads folder as your in-box at work. Files are dropped in your in-box throughout the day. If you worked on these files and left them in your in-box, pretty soon you’d be buried under a mountain of paper.

Apple Mac Downloads Folder

My guess is, your Downloads folder is filled with hundreds of files and you’ve no idea what half of them are.

We can solve this problem in two easy steps.

1. Cleanup Your Downloaders Folder.

  • Go to the Finder, select your Home folder in the sidebar and locate the Downloads folder.
  • Create a new folder inside the Downloads folder and name it “Archive.”
  • Drag and Drop every item in the Downloads folder into the Archive folder.

In your own time you can go through the items in the Archive folder and delete everything you don’t need.

What’s important is that now you have a clean Downloads folder to work with.

2. Keep Your Downloads Folder Clean.

Anything you download, a photo from an email, a piece of software or a document from a server, is placed in your Downloads folder.

  • Generally, you work on these items and then save them in a new location, like your Documents or Pictures folder. Once you have saved these items, delete the original from the Downloads folder.
  • Make a habit, once a day, of checking your Downloads folder and either moving items to a storage folder or deleting them.

Congratulations… your Downloads folder is now useful.

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