Eero Pro


We can upgrade your current network or install a brand new one. Our goal is to get you the best signal at the cheapest price.

We offer complete home wi-fi network setup service in Los Angeles and we’re available 7 days a week.

Eero Pro


Anyone can install a new router, but there’s no guarantee it will create a stronger Wi-Fi signal in your home.
Wi-Fi extenders promise miracles, but rarely work for very long. The constant need to re-set them will drive you crazy.

You need a professional who can assess your needs, and then install a MESH network that provides good coverage everywhere. Here’s what we look at:

  • Needs – Do you stream? Do you play games? Discovering how you use the internet helps us design a network that meets your needs.
  • Internet Provider – Are you with Spectrum, AT&T, or DirectTV? Only some companies in L.A. can provide fast internet.
  • Speed – What speed are you currently getting? Can this be increased?
  • Provider Equipment – What equipment has your provider installed? Is it out-of-date?
  • Own Equipment – Did you install a modem or router that you own? Is it capable?
  • Home – Size, layout and construction give us an idea of what equipment we’ll need and where it will go.


Once we have assessed your current network status, we can begin to make changes to improve things. Each step will improve the network. We often find that simple changes solve the problem. We will not install new equipment if you don’t need it.

  • Carrier – We may need to change internet providers to get you to a company that can provide decent speed.
  • Speed – If your speed is low, you can often upgrade for relatively little cost. This change may solve your problem.
  • Equipment – We may need to have the internet provider replace out of date equipment.
  • MESH Network – Once the fundamental signal infrastructure is in place we can move forward with installing a new network. Experience has taught us that Eero Pro system is the way to go. The latest Eero Pro is Wi-Fi 6 compliant and can produce Gigabit speeds. Best of all, you can manage your entire network from an App on your phone.


If you’d like more information on how you can improve, or upgrade your wi-fi network, call us at (310) 621-5679.

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