What are your hours?

8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week.
Once you are a client, you can call for Remote Support any time from 9:00 am to midnight.

Can you come today?

Yes. If we have a time slot available.

Can I contact you without calling?

Yes. Use our fast and efficient Contact Form.

Are you closed on all holidays?

No. We only close for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Is there a fee to cancel?

No. Your first and second cancellation is free. A third cancellation incurs a fee of $150. This is unfortunate, but necessary as constant cancellations impact the quality of service we provide to our clients.

Who are you?

No Problem Mac was started by John Carroll who’s been troubleshooting Apple problems since 1984.

Click to get more information and see a picture of the owner.

Can I trust you?

Yes. I’m happy to provide the names and phone numbers of prior clients that you can call to check my reputation.

Are you in business long?

Yes. No Problem Mac has served the L.A. area for over ten years.

Do you have reviews?

Yes. You can find numerous reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and many others.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take all major credit cards, cash, check, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle. Any charges above $200 paid by credit card will incur a 4% service fee.

Can you fix broken items?

Unfortunately, no. When you need mechanical repairs we can refer you to a vendor that specializes in this area.

Can you recover deleted files?

Yes and No. We can recover files that lie outside the current Mac index or were backed up on Time Machine.
If your files are actually deleted you should stop working on your Mac immediately. Call us and we’ll be happy to refer you to a specialist.

What if you can't help?

We never take work we don’t have the expertise to complete.
Whenever possible, we will refer you to another vendor more suited to your needs.
We’re here to help you first… then work with you only if you need it.

Can you help me buy a new Mac. iPad or iPhone?

Yes. I tell all my clients never to buy any Apple devices, home theater or multimedia equipment without calling me first. 

Do you offer support outside Los Angeles?

Yes. We provide phone and remote support to the entire country.
We also work internationally. We have clients in China, Dubai and the British Virgin Islands.

Can you help my parents?

Yes. I work with many Moms and Dads that know nothing about their Mac, iPad or iPhone. Sometimes there’s even a language barrier.
The key is patience, task repetition and finding the system that person uses to remember things.
As a bonus I often get to learn the history of the person I’m sitting next to and older people often have had led very interesting lives 🙂

Can you help my kids with a school project?

Yes. Kids’ school projects and presentations come alive using Apple’s Pages and Keynote software.
More advanced video projects require editing and at the High School level, iMovie is the gold standard.
I’ve helped families cut together videos for birthdays, anniversaries and even sports reels for those trying to get into college on scholarships.

I hate my Mac. Can you help?

You are not alone.
Contrary to popular opinion, Macs are not intuitive or easy to use. Without help, you won’t get very far.
One basic lesson can remove your fear of the Mac.
It’s either that or take a hammer to it.

What should I do before you arrive ?

To get full value from the time you pay for, I tell all my clients to “write down as many questions as they can think of”.
You should backup your computer on a regular basis and definitely backup before I arrive. If you need help with this process, call me and I can take you through it. It’s surprisingly easy.
It’s also critically important, because you are responsible for the backup, safety and security of your data.
Please read out Terms and Conditions prior to our appointment.

Do you do anything else?

Yes. You’ll get sound advice if you are buying a big-screen TV or a home theater projector and a screen. It’s cheaper than you think to get a 120″ wide picture. You’ll never leave home again.
I can help you pick the best 4K Blu Ray players and Blu Ray players that can play discs from anywhere in the world.
I’ll show you American made surround processors and amplifiers that produce superb sound quality at a reasonable price… and I know a good source for high quality, low-cost cables.
Voice-controlled lighting and devices have arrived and generally need a little help to get working.

As a courtesy, on any visit, I’m happy to calibrate your TV to provide a better picture.

Each week I write a blog that provides Apple and Home Theater tips and buying advice. Check it out. Subscribe if you are interested.