Get answers to all your questions without being buried in technical details.
Our Mac classes are designed to be enjoyed. When you’re having fun you learn easier and retain more.

Help is available for all ages and all skill levels. Give us a call to find out more .

Mac Lessons With A Client

Private Mac Tutoring Sessions

Our clients often tell us that struggling with the Mac makes them feel stupid. Take it from the experts, if no-one shows you how to use a Mac, the chances of figuring it out on your own are pretty slim.
Try a private class at your home or business where you’ll feel comfortable asking questions. To find out how we can help you, give us a call or use our contact form.

Learn macOS

Start At The Beginning


I sat down with him to learn the basics of my new iMac. It’s fun when you work with someone who has great patience and good humor. He has a gift for simplifying and explaining complex ideas. I’ve sent him to several friends who fear their new Macs 🙂 So glad I found him.

Selma Morrow – Los Angeles, CA

He is patient and knowledgeable which makes him an excellent teacher. He makes the computer less a foe than a useful commodity!

Katharine Gould – Santa Monica, CA

John is fantastic! He is knowledgeable, patient, a great teacher, patient, and I highly recommend him to anyone who has any questions about anything electronic. Thank you!

Anne Crawford, Santa Monica, CA

Ad Hoc Mac Courses

Most of the Mac tutoring we do is totally unstructured. Students have a list of questions and we provide the answers. Those who enjoy a session, often decide to take one of our mac courses to get a better grip on the fundamentals. And some just come back with another list. 

Mac Classes For Beginners

With a Mac tutor by your side you’ll gain a strong understanding of macOS basics and build a foundation to learn more advanced skills. Even longtime Mac users, can benefit from a refresher course.

Beginner classes focus on Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, and more. Whatever you’re interested in… that’s what we’re teaching.

Mac Course - Beginner Mac Student

Mac Computer Classes For All Skill Levels

We’ve been fixing Mac problems for over 15 years, and there is always something new to learn. We teach because, it’s fun to share what we know… and as corny as it sounds, it makes people happy.

Our Mac lessons are tailored to your skill level and learning style. We want your feedback. Are we going too fast, or too slow? Should we write down each step? Have you reached a point where you need a break? 

Online Mac Lessons

When you don’t want to leave home, remote secure screen sharing provides a perfect way to learn. It’s also a great way to get your questions answered after one of our Mac classes.

When you do leave home, whether it’s to go out of state, or even out of the county, we have you covered. We’ve taught students in France, the UK, Irealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

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