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We answer all your questions without burying you in technical details.

If you prefer a more structured approach, we offer lesson plans for beginners and advanced users.

We also provide remote tutoring using screen sharing via Zoom.

Apple Studio Display-With-Ventura

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macOS Classes For Beginners

A perfect class for new Mac users. With a private instructor by your side you’ll gain a strong understanding of macOS basics and build a foundation to learn more advanced skills.

Even if you’re a longtime Mac user, you may be missing basic skills that can speed up your workflow and make using the Mac a lot easier.

Mac App classes focus on Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and more. Whatever you’re interested in… that’s what we’re teaching.



  • macOS – What is an OS. Explanation of how is the Macintosh HD structured.
  • User Setup – Tweaks improve the user experience with the Finder, Windows, and the Trackpad or Mouse.



  • Common commands – Open, New, Save, Save As and Quit.
  • Keystroke shortcuts – The fastest way to initiate commands.


  • Selection – Sequential, non-sequential, and marquee selection.
  • Copy and Paste – Understanding the clipboard. Use of third-party clipboard managers.
  • Right Click – How to access contextual menus on the Mac.
  • QuickLook – Save time by viewing files, images, pdfs, etc without ver opening an application.
  • Keystroke Shortcuts – Over 20 keystroke shortcuts to speed up workflow on the Mac.

The Finder

  • Introduction – What is the Finder and why is it so important.
  • Drives, Files, and Folders – Understanding structure. Creating folders. Managing folder contents.
  • Menu Bar – A look at Finder preferences and the Go menu.
  • The Sidebar – Moving items on and off the sidebar. Controlling what shows and what is hidden.
  • Finder Window – Creating a new Finder window. Understanding window structure.
  • Toolbar Buttons – Icons, placing items, and customizing the toolbar.
  • View – Icons, list, column or gallery view.
  • Sort – Sorting options and their uses.
  • Share – How the Share icon works across many Apple Apps.
  • Tags – Changing tags and create new ones.
  • Action – Shortcuts to common finder commands.
  • Information – Data on file or folder size, location, permissions, etc.


  • The Finder – How to search specific folders or the entire Mac. Advanced search techniques.
  • Spotlight – Use for wide searches, app launching, dictionary, and as a calculator. Managing results.

macOS Classes For Advanced Users

Advanced users benefit from a deep dive into macOS. We provide a complete breakdown of how the iCloud works and how to manage its features. Students gain better control of their Mac once they understand System Preferences ans the fundamentals of macOS Management.



  • Apple ID – Understanding the Apple ID and how it is used in macOS.
  • iCloud Drive – Sync and storage on Apple’s servers.
  • Documents and Desktop – Cross device sync of these folders. Benefits and hazards.
  • Photos – How Photos in the Cloud works. The system library and other Photos libraries.
  • Find My – Setup and how to use to find lost items.
  • Family Sharing – How it works. Inviting family members. Setting restrictions. Sharing purchases and subscriptions.

Media and Purchases

  • Setup – Using a different Apple ID in the iCloud and in Media and Purchases.
  • Payment & Shipping – How to setup and check.
  • Sync – Managing sync across devices and family members.

Passwords and Security

  • Password – Tips on passwords and how to manage them.
  • Trusted Phone Numbers & Account Recovery – Explanation and setup.
  • Legacy Contact – What is a Legacy Contact and how to set it up.

System Preferences

  • User & Groups – Administration of accounts in macOS.
  • Notifications – How to turn on and off notifications and manage the data they show.
  • Security & Privacy – Setting privacy for Apps. Login requirements. FileVault encryption.
  • Printers & Scanners – Setting up a new MFP printer.

File Sharing

  • AirDrop – Using AirDrop to share files.
  • Sharing Options – Sharing and privacy between Macs on a network.


  • Time Machine – How Time Machine works. How to picking a backup drive. Accessing past backups.
  • iCloud Backup – What the iCloud backs up. Benefits and limitations.

macOS Upgrades

  • macOS Upgrades – Upgrades are not always a good idea. You need to consider several factors first.

Problem Solving

  • Force Quit – How to terminate frozen Apps.
  • Force Shutdown – Learn how to shut down an unresponsive Mac.
  • Disk First Aid – Using Disk Utility to find and correct disk errors that cause erratic system behaviour.

macOS App Classes

You probably use Mail and Safari every day, but only scratch the surface of what they have to offer. Apple Apps are loaded with features that improve the experience and save time.

Anyone can benefit for these tutorials. Even experienced users are often unaware of what Apple Apps have to offer.




  • How Calendar works
  • Views
  • General preferences
  • Default alerts
  • Creating Calenders
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Subscriptions
  • Creating events
  • Invitations



  • Contact Accounts – iCloud, Google, Yahoo, etc
  • Contact Types – Company & Individual
  • Syncing Contacts
  • Sorting Contacts
  • Groups & Smart Groups
  • Eliminating Duplicates
  • Merging Contacts
  • Importing & Exporting Contacts
  • Understanding Contact Fields
  • Creating Custom Fields



  • What is a browser – Chrome, Firefox, etc
  • Interface
  • Menu bar
  • Toolbar – Icons and searching
  • Choosing a search engine
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites Bar
  • Sidebar – Reading List
  • Windows and tabs
  • Navigating
  • General Preferences
  • Autofill and Passwords
  • Privacy – Options and private windows
  • History
  • Sharing


  • Interface
  • Preferences
  • Account in Maps
  • Home
  • Dropping Pins
  • Searching
  • Find Nearby
  • Directions
  • Views – Explore, driving, transit and satellite
  • 3D
  • Look Around
  • Explore
  • Guides
  • Sharing


  • Account and Authorization
  • Interface
  • Menu bar
  • Sidebar
  • Views and Sorting
  • General preferences
  • Playback controls
  • Music Library – Organization and copying
  • Advanced Options
  • Importing Music
  • Purchasing Music
  • Searching
  • Playlists and Smart Playlists
  • Mini Player
  • Song, Album, and Group Information
  • Album Art


  • Introduction
  • General preferences
  • Understanding Photos in the Cloud
  • Interface
  • Sidebar
  • Understanding Photos and Albums
  • Albums and Smart Albums
  • Folders
  • Favorites
  • Filtering
  • Editing – Basics
  • Editing – Advanced
  • Photo Information – Metadata
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Sharing
  • Creating Books, Calendars, Cards, and more.
  • Deleting Photos and Clearing Trash


  • Accounts
  • Messages in the iCloud.
  • General Preferences
  • Sending Messages
  • Sending Voice Messages
  • Using Emoticons
  • Group Messaging
  • Blocked Users
  • Sharing


  • Accounts
  • General Settings
  • Sound and Video Settings
  • Portrait Mode
  • Tiling Windows
  • Shareplay
  • Creating Links
  • Blocked Users


After we leave, feel free to call us if you have more questions – (310) 621-5679.

If you want to get more from your Apple devices consider taking one of our other classes.

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