When you need Mac computer help, making appointments online and going to a store are not very appealing options.

We make it simple.

One call, and you get immediate help on the phone or we come to your home – (310) 621-5679.

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Comprehensive Mac Support Services

We provide a wide variety of Apple Mac support services:

  • Slow, frozen, and unresponsive Macs.
  • Email problems.
  • Apple iCloud sync issues across devices.
  • Password Reset & Secure Password Solutions.
  • Wireless printer troubleshooting.
  • Mac buying advice.
  • Microsoft Office install.
  • Backup set up – Local and remote.
  • Virus and malware removal.
  • Internet – Speed & streaming problems.

Mac Computer Help At Home

Need us to come to your home? Not a problem. No need to lug your Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac to a store. We provide residential support service at homes and senior living facilities.

We encourage you to sit with us and ask questions as we fix problems on your Mac. It’s a great way to learn and a benefit other tech companies in Los Angeles don’t offer.

Mac IT Support For Small Business

Looking for Mac help for your small business? We responsive phone support and on the ground expertise with 7 day a week availability.

Our clients include lawyers, publishers, schools, and even a company that sells learjets.

Mac Remote Assistance

Need immediate help with your Mac computer? With secure screen sharing we provide online support anywhere in Los Angeles and across the United States.

Get Help With Mac Computer Problems Now

If you’re asking the question “Is there Mac support near me”, the answer is Yes. We’re local and we’re available 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Get Mac support now – (310) 621-5679.

Mac IT Support

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Maria Velez

Maria Velez

Creative Arts Director - Los Angeles

My computer had slowed to a crawl with an endless spinning beachball. John freed up enough space to get things working again, but we agreed it was time for a new Mac. He helped me order a Mac Studio and Studio Display. Already booked an appointment to set up the new machine. John is great at patiently explaining things and he is super funny. It is a pleasure to work with him!

Reed Rudy

Reed Rudy

Voice Actor - Los Angeles

John saved me. My computer was a goner until he showed up. His prices are very fair and he’s a total gentleman. One of the rare finds out there.

Chrissann Nickel

Chrissann Nickel

Writer - British Virgin Islands

“John is a true rarity in the tech support industry – patient, knowledgeable, and completely un-condescending. I am so happy to have found his company and am so grateful he’s willing to work remotely.
A lifesaver time and time again!”

Support Tips For Your Mac

Restart your Mac

Always restart your Mac after experiencing any system-wide issue like a freeze or an endless spinning beach ball. Although you can generally leave your Mac in sleep mode, it’s also a good idea to restart an Apple computer every week or two so you’re working from a clean slate.

Use Autosave

Most software, like Microsoft Word, Excel or Final Draft incorporate an autosave feature. You should locate this option before you start working on your Mac. Often, the default will be set to autosave every 10 minutes. I would recommend changing this to 3 minutes.

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Use Google

Many Apple problems have very simple answers. A quick search of Google is always worth your time.

Email Never Goes Down

If you use Apple Mail or Outlook on your Mac or Apple device and experience problems with service, don’t forget that you can always open a browser like Safari or Chrome and log into your mail server directly.

iCloud Storage Full

Check Apple iCloud storage in Settings to find out what’s taking up all the space. My recommendation is not to delete things unless you are absolutely sure that you never want to see them again. Often, it’s easier to buy more iCloud storage. At $0.99 cents a month for 50GB the cost is minimal and this service can be canceled at any time.

Apple Storage Full

Unfortunately, if you ignore storage warning messages on your Mac it will fill to maximum capacity and cease to function. The problem can be fixed, but it’s better not to wait until the last minute. To free up space delete large items or move them to an external drive. Don’t bother combing through emails. These are generally small and of no consequence. The big-ticket items, in order are: Movies, TV Shows, Photos and Music.

Empty The Trash

No matter how many files you delete on your Mac, you will get back no space unless you empty the Trash. Try to make a habit of doing this once a day. Many people close all their applications at night even though they don’t need to… but forget to empty the trash.

Desktop Clutter

A messy desktop slows down your Mac. Try to keep large numbers of items off the desktop. One easy way to resolve this is to create a single folder on the Mac desktop and place all those loose files into that folder.

Don’t Panic

There are ways to resolve most problems on your Mac. You just need the right kind of help. If we can’t provide the Mac Support you need, we’ll refer you to someone who can.

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