Apple release a new iPhone every year and, at any one time, there are at least eight different models available in the Apple Store.

So… how do you know which one to buy?

Call us, and we’ll help you pick the right iPhone.

When it arrives we’ll come to your home in Los Angeles and do a complete setup. This service is available 7 days a week.



Reviews and top-ten lists online won’t help you find the right iPhone. You need to speak to someone who has experience with all the available iPhone models. We’ve helped a wide variety of clients get the iPhone that matched their needs and their budget. We consider:

  • Which iPhone – iPhone, iPhone Mini, iPhone SE, iPhone Pro, or iPhone Pro Max?
  • Display  – With a range from 4.7″ to 6.7″ display size impacts weight, comfort, and ease of use.
  • Size – iPhones vary from 64GB to 1TB. What are your storage needs?
  • Carrier – Are you happy with your current carrier? If you switch, what plans are available?


Basic iPhone setup activates your phone, migrates data from your old iPhone, and implements primary security protocols. These steps are required on all new iOS devices.

  • iCloud Storage – Check iCloud storage to ensure client has not breached limits.
  • Backup – Have an old iPhone? We backup your data to a Mac or to the iCloud.
  • Start-Up – Set Language and Region.
  • Activation – Activate device with users cellular network. Requires SIM card.
  • iPhone iOS Updates – Update to the latest version of iOS.
  • Quick Start – Device to device transfer of data. May preferable to manual data migration.
  • Wi-Fi – Connect to your local network.
  • Data and Privacy – Set according to client preferences.
  • FaceID – Assist with FaceID setup.
  • Passcode – Set 4 digit, 6 digit or alphanumeric code.
  • Transfer – Transfer data from an iPhone backup on a Mac, or a backup on the iCloud.
  • Location Services – Turn on for most clients.
  • Apple Pay – Setup with Credit Card to allow purchases at participating retailers.
  • Siri – Set to recognize clients voice.
  • Screen Time – Used if client wants to monitor their iPhone usage. Useful tool for managing kids iPhone time.
  • iPhone Analytics – Do you want to share your usage data with Apple?
  • App Analytics – Do you want to share your usage data with App Developers?
  • Choose Dark or Light Mode.
  • Restore Status – Progress is shown until restoration completes.


A checklist is followed to ensure everything on your new iPhone is tested and works properly. During the process, we’re happy to answer your questions and explain new features. The goal is to leave you with nothing to do except, enjoy your new iPhone.

  • Apple ID – Sign into Apple ID using two-step verification.
  • iCloud Sync – Match settings to other Apple devices owned by user. Check each sync area is functioning correctly.
  • Find My Mac – Turn on. Check that people, devices, and tracked items display correctly.
  • Location Services – Decide which Apps are allowed access to the users location.
  • System Services – Turn off services that are not needed. This minimizes battery drain.
  • Privacy – Turn off tracking settings.
  • Media & Purchases – Check that the same purchasing account is used on all devices.
  • Wallet – Enter Credit and Debit cards for one touch checkout online and at retail outlets.
  • Subscriptions – Check subscriptions are current and still in use.
  • Family Sharing – Setup if requested by adults.
  • Mail – Setup Mail accounts, preferences, and turn on mail privacy protection.
  • Messages – Turn on Messages. Check accounts. Check forwarding. Turn on SMS.
  • FaceTime – Sign into FaceTime. Test call.
  • Phone – Check phone is working.
  • Visual Voicemail – Check voicemail. Ensure history is intact. Customize voicemail message.
  • Photos – Turn on. Select ‘Download originals’ or ‘Optimize iPhone storage’.
  • Camera – Explain Live Photos, HDR, Flash and Live Text. Set on or off. Choose picture storage format.
  • Camera Advanced Features – Explain ProRAW and ProRes. Turn off if not needed.
  • Music – Transfer music files from Mac if required.
  • Apps – Ensure client has all Apps that they need and that they work correctly.
  • Health App – Setup Medical ID to provide information during an emergency.
  • Tracking – Turn off App tracking to protect client privacy.
  • Control Center – Customize according to client preferences.
  • Notifications – Customize to avoid unnecessary notifications.
  • iCloud Backup – Check Backup is turned on and functioning correctly. Turn on/off Backup Over Cellular.
  • Bluetooth – Pair any bluetooth devices, eg; car, speakers, etc.
  • Demo – Any new features of latest iOS.
  • Disposal – Wipe old iPhone. Recycling upon request.


Once setup is complete, we’re available to answer any questions you have. Just call (310) 621-5679.

If you’d like to know more about your iPhone, consider taking one of our classes.

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