Do You Need To Set Up A New iPhone?

iPhone 13 Color Display

New iPhone setup can be a nightmare!

Did all your data transfer? Where are your Messages? Does the phone even work?

We take the stress out of the process.
We activate your new iPhone, create Email accounts, sign into Messages and Facetime, and sync your music, photos, and files.

Ironically… help is just a phone call away.

Getting A New iPhone

Is it your first iPhone? Are you finally replacing an old one you really loved?

With so many models to choose from, how do you know which one to buy? Reviews and top-ten lists online won’t help. You need to speak to someone who has hands-on experience and takes the time to understand your personal preferences.

Call (310) 621-5679 and let us help you pick the right iPhone.

How To Correctly Set Up A New iPhone

We follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure everything on your new iPhone is tested and works properly. We answer your questions and explain new features. Our goal is to leave you with nothing to do except, enjoy your new iPhone.

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Call For iPhone Setup In Los Angeles

A new iPhone looks perfect sitting in the box… but the appeal fades as you start trying to set it up. If things go wrong, you’ll probably want to go back to the store.

We’ve seen every kind of crash, freeze, and failure imaginable, and managed get an iPhone setup.

To avoid frustration, call (310) 621-5679 .