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Are You Having Mac, iPad or iPhone Problems?

We specialize in everyday Apple problems.

Email issues, slow Macs, iCloud chaos, dead WiFi, printer problems, daunting upgrades, and general disasters.

We come to your home or office providing support and the answers you’re looking for.

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Los Angeles Apple Mac Computer, iPhone & iPad Support
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Slow Macs
Startup Disk Issues
Email Problems
iCloud Chaos
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
macOS & iOS Upgrades
Home & Cloud Backup
Virus and Malware Removal
Phone & Remote Support

New iMac Box Waiting For Set Up


Smart Shopping Tips
New Mac Set Up
Data Transfer
Email Set Up
New iPhone Set Up
Complete iPad Set Up
Office 365 Install
New Printer Set Up
Apple TV 4K Install

macOS Mojave


Mac & macOS
iPhone & iOS
iPad & iOS & Pencil
Apple TV 4K Install & Demo
Pages – Word Processing
Keynote – Presentations
iMovie – Editing
Private Home Lessons
Group Training

What People Say

Laurie Parres

Laurie Parres

TV Writer - Brentwood

“I have Applecare. I’m 12 minutes from two different Apple stores and, still, John is my #1 Apple resource. I’ve yet to hit a Mac problem he couldn’t fix. Definitely recommended.”

Pamela Bel Anu

Pamela Bel Anu

Therapist - Los Angeles

“The thing I most appreciate about John, next to finally being able to use iMovie and the evil iCloud… is that I trust him”

Judy Bouley

Judy Bouley

Casting - Los Angeles

“John managed to retrieve 9,500 emails I’d previously deleted. When I get a problem, I call John. I like to hear “Let’s take a look.” I’m not so hot on the “Your data’s gone” approach.”

Rick Edelstein

Rick Edelstein

Writer - Los Angeles

“As a professional writer, the ease of my computer working perfectly is crucial and only accomplished as a result of the brilliant knowledge and patient style of John. I am grateful”

Jack Comeau

Jack Comeau

Director of Photography - Ventura

“I got a guided tour of the Mac at the pace I needed. John’s good at this. He’s patient. That’s important when you pay someone to come to your house.”

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Pilot - Los Angeles

“John was great. He understood that I was desperate and found a spot for me the next day. He showed up on time and after a few questions went right to work. In no time at all he diagnosed and solved the problem..”

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23 Five Star Reviews

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30 Five Star Reviews

30 Five Star Reviews

Our Favorite Review Quotes

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with him… break your computer right now! It will be worth it, I promise you.”

“No-one I’ve met understands the iCloud. Even Apple don’t seem capable of explaining it. They should hire this guy.”

“I can’t recommend him highly enough although, on the other hand, I don’t want him to get too busy for me!”

“Johns visits, much like those of Santa Claus… always leave me content and are welcome.”

What To Expect

We Don’t Work Like Other IT Companies

Ask as many questions as you like. We’re happy to provide answers as we work.

Want private home lessons? We teach the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Watch and Apple Apps.

Issues after we leave? Simply call  (310) 621-5679

Check out answers to questions you may have here – Frequently Asked Questions.

Save yourself time. Get two free Mac Shortcut flyers here and here.

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Who Are We

John Carroll - Owner of No Problem Mac

No Problem Mac was started by John Carroll who’s been troubleshooting Apple problems since 1984.

He has extensive on-the-ground experience with all types of Apple hardware and software.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Los Angeles in 1998.

No Problem Mac remains one of the few IT companies in Los Angeles that specialize in helping people in their homes.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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